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Well, I'm a big fan of some things that are nintendo, sega, capcom, and Konami.

If you couldn't already tell, I'm a big fan of Mario, Sonic, Kirby, Megaman, and tthe Legend of Zelda.

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    U. N. Owen (Get it?)
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Ah, the deliciousness of Irony!
How do you get these nice snapshots of beautiful scenery?
Perhaps they have a gracious mutation speed limit?
Heh! Looks like sliding off to the side is out of the question.
Alright! Nice to see an update on this!
Well, looks like Eggman is not the least bit concerned.
*Grabs flyswatter* Me no likey that bee.
Wait, wasn't that his arm cannon? I suppose that renders him useless now.
Hah, I don't like pie, or annoying people bugging me about pie, so I understand where chitlin's comming from.
Hm, needs a little work on the bluring, but other than that, good job.
Yeah, but if you really made them, then some would actually have the shading right.
DUDE! You stole those werewolf sprites from Silverix!
No. Dark sonic is overused. Almost as much as super sonic.
Brussel sprouts.. Interesting..
Even though that was a massive energy beam, I have a feeling he's still alive.
It looks like he's grabbing her in a very... Painful spot.
Dangit.. I would get kirby, but I suck so badly at spriting..
Well, we know who's eliminated next..