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Hello i am a random person on the internet that likes to read webcomics, play videogames and draw in my spare time might post on my art dump sooner or later
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he's melting, make it quick
@Ark Bluegate:
*sad electric type doggo intensifies*
Miss Hestia, wait, dont be so HEST-y (hasty)*dying inside intensifies*
Time for that payday!!! (if only i had a job)
Learning is fun. =) (reference to something)
you could of been exploring near mt steel but then heard a cry for help
last panel is me when i make a joke and nobody laughs
Urg guess I'll have to save the day AGAIN
Test Failed *bomb goes off*
@MR.Zoet: lamp is lamp in English, if by lamp you mean light source that shines light
*ice noises*
(to) Everyone: Does magic exist, or is it just misunderstood science taken too far
Darn i don't get to use blackmail... i should not be condoning the use of blackmail...
Umm when i said "Cease you existence" that was a joke, you don't have to do that
@Tehpikachu: You cannot stop the memester
@Woo: meme n.png
you fools, the smoke from the fire will kill us all (treated wood, when burned, can really hurt anyone's body)