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Kalne is having a nap
Introducng Kalne!

Credit to my friend.
o_รณ =_=

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This page was made in acrylic paint. For no reason. I think it looks cool.
Marnu is never on hiatus. Pls. I just had other stuff. Still drawing...!!
Oh papa.

Also, I noticed many new readers! Yay! Also a few fans! Thank you so much, please comment if you want to say anything. Love you guysss. <3
Do you recognize the meme..?

If you do, you get a cookie.
Continuation to the extra. But when the adventure calls, Marnu's gotta go! Though do remember to do your tasks.
Connection is a tricky thing. How does it work? I don't know. But it does. In a cosmic world. For cosmic beings. are half-cosmic beings.
End of introduction!
Marnu is kool
Introduction! Sort of part of the origin story. Kinda not. Enjoy.
...Marnu didn't inherit the hair.

End of origin story!
The glorious hair
The... EGG?
First one. The Beginning.