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I am Forte The Hero AKA Zenara The Space Warrior, resurrected from the land beyond this one just off to the left, I am very old and the very last of my kind, I can feel the turn of the universe itself, I have seen time freeze and creation burn, I have battled gods and demons, walked in universes where the laws of physics where defined by the minds of mad men and women, I have scoured the universe pushing back the darkness in your closet and under your bed, basically you are very welcome, see you soon.
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Already love this comic.
Top notch stuff, pip pip.
I haven't made use of the old old sprites in some time hehe, seeing as how I prefer the ZX Style I thought I'd update everything as I move forward into a new era, stay tuned guys.
I like reading Blader haha
@copafire: well we can only hope lol, so you still rocking the blue hedgehog look, if you are I'll make you an ZX style sheet to cameo if you want?
@The Magnificent Z: Yeah sure why not, sounds fun.
@copafire: Hey bud, it's been awhile, nice to see you're still hanging around smackjeeves.
Hay there Smitty.
Nice to see this is still going, cracked up at the last panel hehe.
@Dregan: Awesome, I'll get the character sheet sorted today then.
I second immediate violence first as a response, asks questions when they wake up! lol
@Dregan: Well what can I say got skills hehe, comic definitely still holds up, I'll send you in a cameo form and sprite sheet soon of the new and improved Forte if you like.
I missed being on Smackjeeves and reading this comic.
So yeah.......
So I haven't been on this website for quite sometime, don't even know who's still on here anymore but I decided I might start posting comics again, try and do something creative, It's been a bumpy road since I left, mentally broke down almost died, then finally after plucking up the courage after 14 years of hiding it I came out as transgender, I've been homeless and jobless, but all that aside I realised how long I've been away from one of the communities that kept me going in my dark times and decided it was time to return now that I'm in a better place with my self, I'm just posting this here to say hi then will make a new comic and update there, Much Luv ForteTh
Punch in face coming me thinks haha
Totally safe bro!!!
Hay, It's that one guy from that comic!