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Nexal Nights
Glad ta have ya back,Glasgow
A useful page indeed
Nexal Nights
September 12th, 2017
Hey look its the blonde chick from the roller derby
Thin or deep scar?
Now I'm curious, where do Aces fit in this whole thing.
The is named ... The Cliffhanger
Cute, I meant cute
Too cut
Interesting layout to magic division.
Its thanks to this comic that I got interested in WH40k, so like thanks.
I love Min sometimes
In the span of three hours since I have started this comic, I have caught up. Its really good thus far.
Maximum over-feels incoming
Whoa that fucking 3d though
Well then
Shit really hit the fan for her after Willy
Is it
He Who Shall Not Be Named
Im glad
Glad to see the comic update.
Happy birthday