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Im just trying to create a story and style thats a bit different that people can hopefully enjoy.
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thanks josta! im in osaka at the moment, rewriting this story.Its much better so far. its more of a horror now, im much happier writing that kind of thing! heh
Heh, thanks Amiko. Sorry CPD, really. But after 10 years of trying to forge a career its time to move on. Im sure i will come back to it and it'l be a whole lot better for the experience! If there were a thousand more like you who liked my stuff then it would be different. :D

Ok, so i have to explain something. Its been gnawing at me for a while now...What the fuck am i doing?! You get one life, one, and i'm gonna spend it sitting at a desk making up stories and drawing pictures?! I'm pretty sure on my deathbed i'll look back and go 'what the fuck, dude?'

I don't wanna write stories, write adventure. I wanna live it. So next week i'm off to South Africa, off to live a little for at least 12 months. Go see what i can see.

There are far too many talented artists in the unemployment line already anyway, its just getting ridiulous. While i'm away i will rethink this story, rethink my life...maybe come back to it when i have some real life experience to draw on..maybe not. Its all good.

So, thanks for reading and i'm sorry i didn't finish it at this point(although the script was finished, i'm not quite good enough to pull it off...yet).

Good luck with your comics, it'l be nice to hear someone breaking through one day...

Dark10 :)
Havnt been around awhile but this is still looking the best thing on smackjeeves...
Hey, someone who can actually draw on this site without copying the same old styles.I look foreward to your 1st actual page..
Hey there. Just a little notice to let you know my new comic 'The Luminiferous Aether' has started here:

Hope you enjoy :)
February 12th, 2009
thanks for the comments GMJ. Spent the last 6months developing my new comic, should be ready pretty soon and it'l have a fully realised and developed story with a consistant art style, all of which i learnt by grinding through the learning process on Guts :)
July 14th, 2008
Just a final illustration to say thanks for reading and a welcome for any new people that pick this story up. As you can see its well colored so I didn't do it ;) Thanks to anti-time for lending her considerable color magic to my illustration.

July 7th, 2008
The End!
Ok, thats it! Thanks to all you guys who have continued reading these last 8 months. Even though Guts may not continue theres a good chance i'll start something new, so please keep Guts faved as i'll be announcing any developments here.

Well, what did you think? Please let me know your overall thoughts on Guts, I hope you enjoyed the story.

So once again, thanks for the support and feel free to give some constructive crit if you wanna...This will help for a superior new comic.

aw christ, you're HERE aswell..and you have like 3million and one fans.
Not really, great page as usual.:)
heh, cool page ;)
love the sniper shot.Its like an animation pan-down :)
Yeh, good page.Like the mini 'commando scene where she attatches her weapons of choice :)
uh huh
Yup, something like that...
Wish there was more like ya Bob..
random changed your were the only person who was'nt ashamed to have their real face on Smackjeeves.Its a dark dark day...heh
wow, what a crazy page! :)
heh, the things that go on in your head girl...;D
love the way you keep experimenting with the layout..good stuff