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Hmmm, I like BL (boys love) and cute stuff. I draw my own comics, but none that I think are good enough to post. I do however love to draw fanart when I hit a artist's block. it helps^^ I usually send the fanart to the owner of the character <3
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Long time no sea...
Aw, this was before I knew about layers XD

I was also better at drawing digitally too. ^^

How are you guys doing?
Awww, Mew looks so hot in pink!! <3! Super-good job! :D

ps: ban-mark is still there ; ; whats going on?
XD! I'm wondering if its his cooking-knife collection ;3 pretty knives, and expensive!
I love the look on his way in the first panel, its mildly annoyed <3! Keep up the good work! I missed the lil'guy!!<3<3
welcome back!
Welcome back! Not only to you hunny, but to others as well^^

ON A DIFFERENT NOTE: Am I the only one that sees that weird ban mark here?....
Sorry Inuyasha62, we no longer accept applications. We'll get in touch with you should one of the old ones leave us.^^
aww, so cute^^ (sorry for super late reply) Not sure how I'll fit him into the char page XD I'll nip a pic when he appears again^^
AWW he looks so cute! I really like the colors here :3 Good job!

But on a side note; I dont have his bio I think. so in order to get him up on the characterpage (and Hajiemi as well) I need the bio XD If you're wondering what I need to know, check out the char page.
I really wanna add him! <3

EDIT!: Found the page with his bio. I dont know why I never got around to putting it up o.o;; Sowwies!
EDIT#2: Added to char page <3
Yeah not dead, but I got a shiney white new tablet and I'm trying to get used to it T^T hope you guys are ok out there! <3<3 I'll be working on the story arch (my parts at least)

peace out! <3

and yes, misa looks bad XD
*gasp* Bad Kayle, bad, ate the intro! baaaad Kayle *stern gaze*
You're better than what I draw (draws hands and feet either too big or too small)

Joe:Hey Lung Li!^^

Misa: :o new seme.... *stares and drools* and he's asian, gotta love that!
well well, handsome devil. he should be thanking his lil brother XD *steals Kayle* Free uke for meee! :D
XD @ his sleepymask ^w^ I think he looks good :D and yes, short hair is easier to draw and color. Not that I want Naoki to cut his hair! x.X

Nuuuu not the bandages!! ; ; I like 'em! Makes him unique! <3
Shirt and haircut AND piercing! <3
Misa: *grins* finally, now we can undress him!

I love the new haircut! you draw so cute! :D
thankies^^ I feel bad for not posting at all.. but I wanted to draw Kyle.. so it's win-win !

@Momo; yush, go draw porn! <3
myess, I Iive ;o
can't help it, I think Kyle is tha smex. And Misa agrees for ONCE! XD Ayways, Misa is probably saying something like

"I love your hair! wanna go play wii? (on naughty mode)"

other notes, I love drawing Kyle's hair :D but I'm waaaaayyyy down on Arms and Legs *gets shot* ^w^ Anyways! <3 to ya all!!
*sings the text to the original melody and brings a laugh to her friend's face cause its so cute!!!*

OMG! OwO me lurves!!! :o pole dancing, sexy~!
:o that is hot. I love how Jason's ears hang down (by the weight of his piercings or if he's that kind of bunny) <3<3 you draw realistic soooo great! I'm envious!
I'm sorry, I updating the profile page these days and somehow I hadn't seen the previous >_<; just promise me you wont get rid of Eric x.x
o.o I'm confused, but I'll edit the profile page to.. ermm.. remove Edward then ; ; Welcome Kyle, instead ^^
XD Aoi is reading smutt down in the corner ;3 Good job! I hope you'll colour it ! <3<3