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I'm an alternate dimension Meta Knight with two tails and is obsessed with Tails. X3
*huggles him*
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Welcome to my director's edition of AKK! :3 The comic is extremely long and the fillers are a bit annoying when reading the comic after its day-to-day postings. Sooo... I decided to make this!

Also a note: I posted this comic at this exact time for a reason. On this exact time exactly 7 years ago was when this first started. :3 Happy AKK Anniversary!
Happy New Year! =D
Sorry I couldn't make a better comic... owo Been real busy. Hope you had a good 2012 and an even better 2013!~
Murry Christmas! =3
Just a quick and simple comic for you guys to celebrate the holidays. =3 Have a wonderful day.~
...based on a true story too.
Sorry for being gone so long. owo End of the semester was VERY hectic. >w<; But now it's vacation time! =D Comics abound!
Sorry for the hiatus. @~@; Been verrrrrrrry busy. Working on the game still, practicing drawing, lots of homework, etc.
Meh, been busyyyyyyy...
College is a lot of work. @~@;
Meant to post this yesterday... owo
Anywayz, here's an EXTREMELY BASIC map to give you an idea of what I want. Of course, it'll be significantly more detailed hopefully by the end. I just wanted to see how it would look to give a different feel to each of the 3 areas and to show how I wanted them placed in relation to one another.

Sorry about not uploading much lately. Busyyyyy.
@ExMachina: Deux is French for 2. I think he meant Deus, which is Latin for "God" I believe.
Yeah, so I've been pretty busy lately. @~@; Sorry about the lack of updates. I still want to answer questions, but I haven't figured out a method I like yet. And college keeps me pretty busy. Not to mention, I have that game I'm making...

So here's a comic Fireshock made for me back in 2007.
@plasma_knight303: Yay! *hands you $3 to pay for the rugs and plushies*
@Anjire: I don't get why you people are commenting on that part in particular when there are a bunch of other problems within the idiom. As far as I know, technobabble is just supposed to sound smart and complicated, when it's usually just a long nerdy way of saying something simple... =p Just like my idiom!

Hydrogen Dioxide sounds more real to me anyway. XP
@HyperTurtle32: Then the psychological status of your mental attitude is titled "Pessimism"
Alsob you're being smart about the wrong things, lol
@DarkMario1000: lol, I doubt Googling it would help since I made this up myself.
@epicness: This is Psychology, Calculus III, and Chemistry. There's no high school math here.
I won't make these often, but lol I could NOT resist making this! Nerd humor. X3

Ha, I made this all by myself too! Is it convoluted enough that you don't understand the meaning? =p
@Drawkey: You gotta start somewheres. XP
@plasma_knight303: I dunno where he is. owo; Maybe we could use Anjire or AcetheGolden until then...? >:3
Blerf, I keep forgetting to upload more often. @~@; I'll try.