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i had a big dorky grin on my face as i read this. ahhhh!
oh, my heart
it hurts in the best way :')
this was a beautiful scene, i love the expression on ruthie's face here in the last panel, sort of ... sad and sweet and ... aksgjd yeah.
cars are my least favorite
Vincent's closet consists of mostly hoodies.
look, spaghetti and meatballs
er ...
did someone say daddy issues
so, a bit of a drop in quality.
sorry x__x the rest of the pages will probably be continue to be like this.
only one page today. x)
ohey, three new pages, uploading at one-hour intervals!
also, look at henri, so studious.

plaid pattern from
damask pattern from wallpaper/trianon-ivory-damask-no-1498/
paint swatch thing found on google images.
VINCENT you look really awkward okay
so here's the prologue
i think i'm going to try to upload in 2-3 page chunks .. YEAH COOL.
welcome to my latest attempt at creating a comic! x)
my main goal is to try and finish this, so pages are a bit simpler, and i'll probably experiment with things. i don't know. hope you enjoy!
ahah, it's like he's getting what he dished oust just a moment ago ~ (:
i love blake's body language in the first panel xP
ajsdklfjlk ruthie <3
i feel bad for daisy too though,
she's ... asdgjhsgkasdh
blake!! D:
November 22nd, 2011
ahh, it's not boring at all!
it's always engaging and lovely and i always look forward to your updates!
i doubt anyone noticed, bahhah, but i skipped mondays update .. whooops. so there's an extra page ~
awwh, todd ...
i love how you draw expressions. <3
Riona's angry face ..... ksdakljsdkfjl so cute haha XP