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Hi I am Tacochance you may call me Taco if you like. My main comic is The Dark Sonic Chronicles, READ IT!!!!
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New authors, treat this comic right, ^-^ She deserves it.
Sweet! Can't wait to see more :)
Avie got in the way...

Felix, Loki, EC, and Self, it would be best if we just shut up now, thank you. ~~
@ EC
Thanks, ^-^, I was never offended by Loki, I'm glad you said something all the same though, this is the exact reason I might not join though, I don't want the hosue to be feuding over me. It's the 13th or so comic, and there's allready been a big fight.
@ loki
SO my comic making sucks? *cough*DARK SONIC CHRONICLS*cough*HAS 81 FANS*cough* So does it?
thanks ^-^ I haven't sprited in a while, so it's kinda suckish though
Thanks EC, might join, it depends on the response from the guest comic I made, I'm waiting for Ash to get TG's ok the post it
funny comic ash XD, anyway, considering no one at BBS really liked me, and they said I killed the comic, i'm not joining this one, the third BBS comic, maybe XD, but I wanna at least do a guest comic, so watch out ;D
~Chance, but you all call me Taco :P
I laughed like hell at this!!! The grudge, looks like Micheal Jackson in this pic!!! XD
Well, this might as well be zombie BBS :P Dead brought to life, since I don't sprite anymore, i won't join, but I will read it, hopefully it will get some where, good luck TG
So sad. I think the real problem, we all grew up. Wev'e all moved on beyond BBS, we grew out of it, sure, it's sad that we have, but oh well. And it's not my fault for the comics death. It's all of ours, we either stopped spriting, (like me) or just got bored with it. Right now, I've become a vivid youtuber, by posting videos, and watching them, and commenting them, and I'm also a second life addict, if any of you still wanna talk to me, my YIM is ttfn,
I've been busy with second life and looking up KH:358/2 Days info, nuff said :P
Join us!
I thought it would be cool if we posted our second life chars. on BBS, post yours too please!
The comics over :( I really liked it...
I have a friend who did that :P