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@unknown-phenomenon: ahhaaha yeah!! Like when people assume I don't speak Chinese... like just bc I'm quiet doesn't mean I don't understand you, my Chinese just sucks so I'm too shy to speak it lmao
@eishiya: Oh, and it was just for that one bit. The visions flash in and out.
@Twiztidpiksi: Oh yay, thank you very much!! I did lots of research ;v; Apparently Western archers smush the end of the arrow against their cheek, but Chinese archers hold the arrow lower and closer to the jaw :D
@eishiya: Haha!! Baima hallucinated seeing Tenmin take off his clothes a few pages ago. So now of course, Baima hallucinates seeing Tenmin naked. Because a guy's gotta maintain continuity even if he's tripping.
Check out VVBG's amazing comics (which I'm sure many of y'all have already read):
Here's the link to vote! Thank y'all so much for a wonderful year!! <33
I asked for draw requests a while back; people asked for "modern coffee shop date" but I thought "crotch scalding accident" was more my vibe LMAO... Man I miss all the time I had to draw extras when I was unemployed!
Edit: I leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine whether the dude used his underwear to patch Baima's arm. Thank you Webtoons user V For Victory for pointing this out LMFAO

It's not gay until the balls touch the knee
@Clueless: thank you so much!! <333
@BGee93: haha!!
Bitch it takes 3 hours to wash this hair, dont touch it with your nasty ass hands

^^^ Comment courtesy of my good friend Schlissel, who makes a really cool comic called Host! Check it out! :D
@kay!: aww, thank you so much!! that is so sweet of you to say! <3 thank you for reading! <3
@Vulpinebones: oh my gosh, thank YOU so much for this super sweet comment! it made my day! ;A; and I'm so touched that you know their names even though I haven't named them in the comic yet haha! That makes me so so happy!! ;o;
I'm Chinese too! Taiwanese, actually ^^ I loved wuxia/xianxia movies and tv growing up so I really wanted to make a xianxia BL. Oh I don't know if you've read 魔道祖师, it's excellent! It's a Chinese BL xianxia web novel. I got lots of inspiration from there hehe ^^
Thank you so much for reading and for the wonderful comment! Seriously, it means so much to me <3
@Scarlet Spider: aww, thank you so much!! <333 that makes me so happy!
Happy Thanksgiving! :D Thank you so much everyone for letting me know how you found my comic! It helps me immensely to know these things, and I really appreciate your taking the time out of your busy days to help me out! Thank you all for reading this comic, and I hope everyone has a great weekend ^^
@BGee93: aww thank you so much!! i'm glad you did too! <3
@Hawkflame: <33 hehe
@Muffin_Pan: oh that's so cool!! ^^ thanks for letting me know! :)