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@lezbiacal: thank you so much!!! <3
@kinaho: thank you!!!! <3 I am quite proud of this page!!
@AutumnWolf20: What do you not care about?
@JKHoganBooks: Oh my god!!! That sounds nuts! You must have a super strong prescription LOL. I have a lot of trouble sleeping, but my doc doesn't prescribe me much Ambien bc it's too addictive. So I only take it in case of emergency. Ambien is great. Before that, I would have to rely on this over the counter shit that gave me the gnarliest nightmares. ;_;
@JKHoganBooks: one time I took Ambien and had auditory hallucinations of a choir of angels singing. IT WAS SO REAL DA FUQ
Y'all thought you were getting a normal BL!! Y'ALL THOUGHT
@MegaAnimeFreak7: LOL thank you for all your lovely comments!!! <3333
@SaasantheSassy: lol!!! it sure is! :'''D
@R.O.-bot: ahahaha!!! <3333
@Clueless: snake assault, murdertree, bad skin... could his day get any worse?
@JunnGerl: thank you so much for all your lovely comments!!!!! it was such a treat to read them!!! <33333
@schlissel: Okay great! I'm not sure what time I'm going yet ^^;;
@schlissel: And I have a ticket to the afterparty as well! Are you going to that?
@schlissel: I'll most likely (99% certain) be there Saturday. I have a full weekend pass, so if Saturday is really fun I might go Sunday as well :)
@schlissel: Thank you so much!! <3 I'll try to wear something that stands out ^^;;
damn what's the deal with this other dude? like who just goes up and bugs someone when they're (presumably) taking a huge dump
August 12th, 2017
August 12th, 2017