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...ull figure it out sooner or later
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Wait a sec who's deven?
Name: Joey
Age: 19
S.O: Bi
S/u: Seme
Personality: Man ho, sweet, knows all the right things to say
Likes: His little brother, making new friends, strawberry's
Dislikes: People who don't like him, People who don't like Jack or are mean to jack

Colored version may come later . . maybe
This looks pretty coolio mc G
It's jack ^_^ yeah i just havnt posted in a long time because i just didnt feel like it but the base was i good idea cuz it was quick and easy and stuffs . . . and it got me back in the spirit :D
That's hot :3

Jack: ./////. nice tat
Lolz yes! =w=

Jack: Ecspecially on you~ ^//^ *Hug*
Lolz kito i should have jack give him a little police hat XD
Lucus: I will probley bake the person who answers the door cookies . .If that helps . ..
He got kicked out by the dad of the girl . . Sooo yeah . . .

Lucus: *Shrugs* She wasn't that pretty any way . .she kinda looked like the dog from lady and the tramp . .<__<
Lolz X3 i find the way Lucus greets is funny so i had to do this . .Sorry about the shity hands By the way
So freakin awesome!! =D Hurray! lolz

Chance: *yawns* What ever man not that big of a deal
Awwww so cute~

Lucus: Awww Puppy loves X3

Heiwa: X3 Agree'd
Lucus: =D Yes of course little one! *Holds out his hand to Moe*
Lucus: ^_^ *follows both because there both going the same way* Thanks
Lucus: O_O Woah . .okay then . . .Can any one show me where the kitchen is?
Lucus: O_< No need for that . . . . *Moves over by Na-kun*
Lucus: Why we weren't being to loud where we? Just having some fun =3 Why don't you join the fun *rubbing fuyuki's shoulder Sexily*

Me: Yeeeah sexily just makes every thing hotter
Swexy-girl@Me: Got it *Goes to look for tequilla*

Lucus: *Bows* My sincerest apologize Sir, If there is any way to make it up i will

MAru@ Lucus: Oh really? Because i was low on Brown sugar
XDD Lolz niiice

Lucus: . .O_O I Beileve that this young women just died . . . .

Me: .Oh did i mention He's not totally gay? =w= He's Bi