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I love swimming, waterpolo, video games, poetry when I get the chance, and the piano. I tend to be very excitable when it comes to... well just about anything haha!
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@AceofSpades: Continuing you're thought, perhaps the President is actually the dark magic person, but without the abilities of the others. Which can make sense if you think of all the colors combined to make black.
@AceofSpades: Thats a possibility though I also suspect it could be clothing
Theory sorta time!
Random thought, but what if Assistant is the only one that causes others to explode like Cakegirl. If thats the case then she could be the person who caused others to die?
That doesn't look like assistant. Though it could be a relative.
What if this is kinda like Raven from Teen Titans and she is fighting with herself for/from something terrifying. Or maybe past lives? Or maybe she killed these people in a past life and gained their magic somehow? oooh so many thoughts and can't even place all of em down.
They look like the portal series shoes! So does that mean if she lands on the ground she's okay?
I'd love to learn more about Indigo, he seems to have a very interesting backstory. Also, how he and the president met or why he is willing to assist her.
I find it interesting that the Inversians have trouble seeing those who have magic from what Indigo is saying. Which makes sense but is also quite interesting.
Ugggh I can never decide who I want to ship more Assistant with Harold or Wallis! ):
I gotta say I really love the color of what she says in the last panel.
Its clear there the events actually are true, but probably not all of it... Though I will say Wallis saying she's crazy I think is something he would totally say hehe
The design of Wallis in this one sort of reminds me of Borderlands 2 Handsome Jack. Hahaha!
What a brave face Wallis gives off! <3
@gutache: That was Harold who got it late
Sometimes I ship Harold and sometimes Wallis with the Assistant. This is one of those times I ship Harold.....
Good Doggy
The last panel reminds me of a dog wanting to do something good for its master when it had done something wrong! Hahahaha xD
I'm so happy! I started reading the comic about a week or so ago and just recently finished the first read! Now I get to read more! I'm so excited and looking forward to following the story now! Please don't overload yourself either! Thank you so much for an awesome comic!
I'm thinking the name is like Ray, Rey, Rena, or something like that! I hope I'm right hahha
@BattleStarX: She rolled poorly on her perception.
@Liv: I was rereading the comic and got to these two pages:< br />< br /> Then came over to this scene to see if anyone else noticed it. So I get the feeling whoever the person is all dark and scary looking most likely? have destroyed the ruin/ a society that was there before. Guess we will have to see what happens