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lol XD he's so cute
I lol'd when I saw the "Morbid never sounded so cute"X3
OMG!! Update 8D
I am will most likely try to draw something XD
Sorry for the bad quality, my scanner totally F$%ked it up.
Name: Kaleb
Age: 16
Gender: MALE!!! XD
Sexual orientation: Bi
Likes: Hearts, stars, bright-cheerful colors, sweets, and Friends: D
Dislikes: mean people, frogs, spicy/sour foods, and dull colors
Personality: Kaleb is very cheerful and happy, and he always has lots of energy. Very kind and loving, has a heart of gold.
Other: Has two tattoos, one on his back and one on his hip.
OOOOO~~~ He's cute!!

I love his outfit and the little stuffed animal, simply adorable<3

I can't wait to get my character done and post him XD
Bow down to my horrible coloring skillz...

BOW I SAY!! BOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GOD I HATE HIS NAME, I don't even know why I gave him the name. I just couldn't think of anything else to name him.


Why is he naked you may be asking yourself, it's because when I make characters, I usually can't think of an outfit to draw. So the result is them being NAKED!!!! NAAAKKKKEEEEDDDDD!!!!!!!!

Please enjoy
sounds like fun to me, I'll do what I can, when I can, and... Stuffs...
Nao is so cute!! <3 i just wanna hug him <3<3<3
Poor Nao, he had no idea how he got the piercings. Excellent job, OMG it is a shirt!!
OMG! that is so cute, I lol'd my ass off..
Great job!! :D
Thank you Owl:D
That's what I like about your drawings, they are so CUTE!!!
LOL. thank you Alistar. Yes, he is the kind of bunny that has it's ears down:D
Yeah, this as nothing to do with the collab, but, you all know it's awesome...
Anyway.. these are a couple of OCs of mine, the bunny boy's name is Jason, and the kitty, his name his Mavrik. I also put this pic on Y-gallery.
Hope you all enjoy.<3
I am here, just not posting.... I have some free time this week, so I could draw up something.. X3
Haven't been on in a while.... *sigh* well, I'll try to get my character up soon..
YAY!!.... what's your idea?? I would love to know.
HI!! It's me, sorry I like never update, I'm uhhhh..... busy*cough*LAZY*cough*
Anyway... enjoy this cute, but sexy vampire.....cause if you don't.... i'll find you...
Holy crap, it me
that is cute, his toung sticking out is really adorable.

I need to do something for this, I'll try getting something on this week maybe if I'm not too busy
I know it is not valentine's day yet, but I'd thought I would put this on early.

Tanner: Who wants to be my Valentine... *suggestive smirk*

Me: ~.~;

{edit} I just realized that I spelled Valentine's wrong..... *sigh* I need to check my spelling more often
He look very nice..
Tanner: Nice shirt Chance
He's still as cute as he was before....
Tanner: ME?? *pointing at himself*