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Weaver Tyialo
I enjoy making webcomics. I enjoy reading them too.
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I'm starting to think that Claus is Obfuscating stupidity.
I should be all angry/happy at/for Paine, but all I keep thinking is "Oh! So that's what CPP means."
Angel made this challenge. Oh wait, that was already said. Uh. Huzzah, Hantz won a challenge!
Sexy and T are making me miss Honey.
It just makes whoever eats it into a rubber person. Also:

@Super Sonic: So, why do you want Sonic to hurt when he wakes up? You gotta have some reason.
Ouch. That had to hurt the door.
Fun fact: For now, that thing is called "JPG" on it's layer in the setup. Can you guess what it stands for?
This looks familiar. Like it's already happened two years from ten days from now.
@Tailslover13: I hope I don't sound rude, but if you dislike the tribe to such an extent that all it ever comes off as is you bitching about it, you could simply not comment on the Hantz page.
It only took a year for my interest to return. NOW BOW BEFORE YOUR OVERLORD.
Move along, nothing to see here.
I... really don't like the implications of what Brad said.
I'm already starting to love this tribe, Juiced up excluded.
Ohey, the guy I've been rooting for won. First for everything.
I'm hoping for either Jakie to win, or for Bonnie so there isn't a chance to see her come back. But both of those are just as likely to happen as me successfully learning about the edgic rating stuff.
I am blessed that I can't imagine what that would look like.

Now to see how quickly Baxter will fall.
And there goes my hope for Bonnie doing well this game.
Well, Retro has officially screwed over each tribe by taking out one player from each.