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Anonymous Undead Espeon
Just here to hang around.
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this comic has left me. so this is the last page.
i am late AGAIN!
but the comics are getting real good
amazing job, pinkeevee
Lem better strike back with Reversal.
...oh wait, eevees don't learn that move. :(
he can still use Retaliate though. :)
i wasn't late for this one!
anyway you're awesome pinkeevee
there will be a long delay
so no new comics will appear for a long time...
anyway, enjoy
i came so late... grrrr
anyway, this is an interesting new verse to the composition of the hidden storyline...
have a wonderful day
and enjoy
okay so
dusk is night, because of the yellow eyes and the fact he hates harmony...
and sky is probably that one espeon in "aftermath" because sky has cyan (light blue) eyes and it's the golden soothe bell and he got her mixed up with dawn because they're both espeons...
that's how i see it.
second comic already!
nothing much to say here...
but enjoy!
first comic
Welcome to my first comic! MWAHAHAHAHA
I am a photoshop master so i used it to make this first comic.
@The epic robloxian: For best results, tap dance on every crack possible.
there are so many background eevees
are there any evolved ones (other than the main ones of course)