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Alice in Wonderland fanatic who also enjoys anime, manga, cosplay, yuri, yaoi, reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, listening to music and going to conventions. I'm a member of the Cosplay Society of Oklahoma and I have a small collection of Dollfies of various sizes, genders and brands that are all named after various characters from Alice's adventures.
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LOL! I wonder how many HP poseidon's laugh counts as
oh? lucy had a thing for Lilith?
LOL! I love Lucy's wrap (x.x)
love love love hestia
oh my, now i see the reason for the adult rating *fans self* go on usagi, go in there an help the poor boy!
LOL! Very funny and zoshi looks a lot like the doctor ^^
is it just me or did discord have a thing for you?
that breaking noise i just heard? was what was left of kronos' mind
boxers or briefs?
Chaos Factory
Strange Vibrations

This skit is based off how my head started to vibrate slightly one day

Hand drawn and inked
Colors and text added with photoshop

(C) 2011 AJ Angelique, me
i have a bad feeling about where this is going
*uber massive shudder* omg after all this the potion better work
you know that moment in aladin when jasmin kissed jafar and everyone's lip curled...i just did that
oh gawd she has sparkle power
Sometimes I wonder if my own poop does that at work

Also! I'm planning on submitting Chaos Factory to a couple publishers once I've changed out all the colors for tones, so wish me luck and I'll let you know how everything turned out
i think he should have told her he was coming down with a chill
awww, poor pouty girl
oh no oh no oh no oh no!
her mom is a major B
inspired by one of inner monologues related to a religious friend nagging me about stuff he has no clue about *heavy sigh*

ps: personally, i love shrimp. but it does say in the bible that we're not suppose to eat it