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I once had this weird grape cream soda popsicle
It was nasty
Yeah, Basil, you're totally straight.
I missed this idiot XD
Lasse stop yelling at your employees so suddenly, one of them will end up being the next to have a heart attack XD
@evilnidhogg: pfff thank you for pointing that out XD
I'm Reg
I always take stupid looking photos and laugh at myself XD
My favorite moment in the entire series
His last name is Bauer? .o.
Okay, I just found this comic today and I am literally in love. Keep up the good work, I'm really impressed!

Also, I love RGB's name. Very clever XD
@Quadrant: why did I laugh at that?
I'mma just say he's 16, Lasse is his boss and he knew both January and Richard's age, sooo XD
Ahh young Lasse was so cute ;u;
Lasse is just cute in general XD
That link was very relevant.
I can't tell which one of them I'd be in a relationship.
Ahhh I remember when Joa said the same thing to him at the beginning of the comic!!
@CityFairies: its just how awkward he is in those frames XD
What about that one mini comic where Cora was on her tiptoes and Lasse had to bend down to kiss her?
Does that count?
Richard is relatable
And then it turns out she's on fire