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Richard be looking younger recently hmm
Damn the expressions here look amazing! Lol poor Richard looks like he's just finished crying <3
Ik Richard is bleeding on the floor and all but can we take a moment to appreciate January's earrings.
Genderfluid and homosexual..? Can you explain that?
Flashback to when he was on the roof
Did you do something differently with the colors? It looks great!
I love dream Basil
The chapter number is wrong!
I thought it was Basil as soon as I heard "Pussygard" but I was didn't think he'd be king in Charlie's mind!
You can think of "Tatt two" and "Tatt three" but not "A pain in the ass"
I love that, you're amazing
Don't do it, Richard
You know you don't have any other friends
A dream I assume?

HECK I am hyped for this, the chapter looks awesome!
Whelp, did he ever finish that novel?
Comment cards aren't enough. Shred the internet, Greg.
This is such a Richard thing to do.
I think you made a comic like this before.