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October 26th, 2010
I likee it x)
awww ): Its okay fen and yes take your time <3
ComeBack Guys ! :(
Hey Everyone!
I had to post something up. Now that its Summer Time, lets try to get Tejina Back up there! So Come back Guys~ ;( I Miss all Of you! ;n;
Poor Principle..
Pages Include:
Lore & Blake (:

Poor Principle, his classroom is full of students. lol
She does look like Lady Gaga :D
and yeah i love your art style too, its so unique and cutee <3

and ill start working on the next page then (:
AW ):
Im gonna start updating, im so sorry i havnt been around, junior year is so hard ):
Ill do the next pagee if no one started? (:
aww ):
You were in Newyork too? Where were you going?
I bet this is the rush-iestt page anyone has ever saw ): Since no one was updating, I started working on a page but then my parents told me that we're heading out to Newyork, so i made this fast. So please forgivee me )x lol

But Come on Guys lets do this! I missed you guys and Tejina <3 Lets get Started and make Tejina active again (:

edit:// wow now that im looking at this again, it looks really crappy and i feel like crying haha I swear! I promise never to rush again ):
The only reason I even log into smackjeeves now is to read your manga! It's got me hooked! xD Keep up the Great Work!! <3
and if you dont mind me asking, what program do you use? Your pages are so clean and soft :D
oh wow! (:
I love the way you made Harriets dress, Melly! Its so cute. <3
Ok lets do this! (:
omG, wow I was just reading your romeo and juliet comic, when I came across this! :D I didn't know you were on smackjeeves! XD
Everything about him is so cute. I love the dinosaur and Hat! <33 =D
i like devyn especially her powers. <3

Melly:Hope you have fun in tejina! :]
They look so cute together! <3
Happy Holidays to you too! <3
This picture is so lovely *_*
I love felecity
Megaman: thanks :)
Mad: opps, I forgot to write that! *fixes it*
Kima: thank you! <3
Yosh: thanks!
Kioushan: =D

Seerius: thanks! =]
Fenrii: lol <3
Name: Victoria Valfred
age: 14 (Oct. 31)

Powers: [Element] Air/Wind

Likes: drawing, reading, music, stormy nights , sleeping, gazing at the stars

Dislikes: studying, exams...

When Victorias parents found out about her powers, they gave her away to her grandmother. She never got the love her parents, and never saw them much. Ever since then, Victoria's been with her grandmother, being homeschooled. Her grandmother sent her to tejina to learn more about her powers.

Victoria can be shy some of the times, but has learned to stand up for herself and others. She's always cheerful and kind to everyone but deep inside she feels sad and lonely. She likes making new friends, and can get confused easily.