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sup, you can just call me donnie. im a 16 year-old boy chillin on the northeastern coastline. loves eddsworld, grape soda, peppermint patties, chocolate milk, hot dogs, and punk bands. i have three comics planned; only one of them is currently being worked on. soon, my friends. soon.
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    Donovan Foltz
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AAAAAND we're back! its been awhile, huh
this is the only finished page ive got at the moment (which is kinda old) but i'll begin working on more as soon as i get the chance! which should hopefully be within the next week

im currently playing with my art style and document formatting so the next pages may look TOTALLY different than the previous ones
LAST SCENERY PAGE. some actual dialogue will ensue next page
this is the nicest sunset ive ever drawn tbh
at last, a page that wasnt made over 9 months ago!!!!!!!
here it is! the official cover (although i may remake it later on).
hope youre all as excited for this ride as i am!
AAAAAND that's a wrap! all the previous updates have now been uploaded here. i'll begin working on the next update very soon; it should be up within the next 2-3 days! <3
first name-drop! about damn time.
and who might this mysterious figure in the bushes be?
tattooed doggo has much to say.
so whos this pretty vixen? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
multicolored striped text = multiple characters saying the same thing at once.
me @ me: take this slowly, dont introduce a bunch of characters at once
me: *uploads one single update with 4 different characters*
cool sunglasses-wearing dog gets interrupted by yet another text color.
a new challenger approaches.
i assure you, that the text will get easier to read over time. sorry they blend in too much.
and here we get a look at some of the main characters!
chapter one begins. with two bros bickering.
aaaand thats the end of the prologue! let the real story commence.
ooh, colors!
maybe there is light at the end of the tunnel after all.
im so sorry my handwriting is so gross. r.i.p
that boy dead.