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Hmmm, movies, comics, hockey, music, uh, that's about it.

I like foods I like too, I guess...
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Ben, tell me you remember what the alternate direction for this page was supposed to be! The part that got us laughing our asses off because of its ridiculousness and our near exhaustion!
The gun is exactly what got me. And I do like the horrible costume. I think, if something bad ever happens to his chosen one, that this should be his backup. Very ridiculous. It'd be so much of an overkill! ha
Ben, those feet are pretty well done.
Re: Ben,
no we can't.

It looks awesome so far. Really.
By the way, is that an old Nintendo and controller on the shelf?
I love Munn's eye following Zom-Ben around. Tres funny. The reason why the sandwich is slightly mysterious is because Zom-Ben's fingers are so close to Munn's so it's hard to discern who is holding the Hoagie.
And that's why Ben is the worst artist ever!!! Because he always screws up fingers/hands.
;) hahahaa
Re: wanting to hang out in basements playing video games

Doesn't he?
That doesn't even make sense.

I loved the banter in the bottom panels. Very witty.
Not only is the script well put together, but the dialogue is really good too, Ben.
"I mean you look good!"

Love that.
It took me a few read-throughs to figure out what was going on.

It also doesn't help that I have no memories of ever playing Rat Trap. Meh.
Okay, I haven't left a message in a while but I have been reading all of these.

As always Ben, you're stories are unexpected and funny. Way to go.
Okay, I seriously love the ridiculously descriptive action sounds.
They add so much to this poor character's capabilities. He can't even tell his own decaying story without help from action sounds.
I don't know. It totally works.

I'm looking forward to seeing more examples of just how inadequate Zomben is as a hero.
The robbers don't strike me as anyone in particular other than the 2 bozos from the promos Ben had done before the comic began.
But if I had to hazard a guess I'll say a Hippie-version of Zach Morris (from Saved By the Bell and a head-shaved Curly (from the 3 Stooges).

I don't know.
Wow, Ben. I love the line in Panel 3.
And I gotta admit, kinda curious about the new Evil Dawn story.
Even better than that, I love the abundance of tendons snapping apart due to the jerking of the wrist.

The backgrounds I'm sure were torture for you but man they are awesome. Really good job.
Don't worry. I've been reading the pages. Just haven't been posting.
I love Meat Loaf.
For the action figures: I'd like to say Thanos and the Silver Surfer but I can't think of the one on the furthest left.
And right above these toys, is that not a picture of Hellboy on the corkboard?
Ben, you really should finish this thing. Focus on one project at a time. Finish it. Move on to the next.

I can! I only see Ben like a couple times a year and I still like him! A-as a friend of course.