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My main love is pokemon Nuzlocke Comics but, I also love me some Steven universe and Star vs. the forces of evil. I'm also a bit of a superhero nerd, my favorite is blue beetled also, my favorite Pokemon is Dunsparce because it is my spirit animal.
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Gold's really gotten the short end of the stick these last few chapters.
I think he's about to beat a certain pokemon seller's ass.
I already love this fish. o.o
His back story gets even more mysterious.
So if we're getting a fighting girl that curses a lot i'm going to be very happy. It's one of my favorite character tropes.
Hurry! While they're all fighting to see who gets to beat you up first, this is your time to escape!
He has that 1000 yard stare like he's been through the pokemon war.
@Silver the Eevee: Be the most adorable eevee ever.
@Silver the Eevee: The fluff just makes you cuter. :3
@Silver the Eevee: Like actually maybe the cutest thing alive.
@angryskitty: That bulbasaur was me, tbh.
@angryskitty: He does not look happy...
You both are so cute... ;-;
@Silver the Eevee:
@angryskitty: Well I would be glad to wait and see. :D
@angryskitty: No problem, I give credit where credit is due, and this comic certainly deserves a shit ton of credit. I can't wait to see what his final team will be mayhaps a Dratini in the future??? :)
Already loving this series, can't wait for the next update!