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Why doesn't Jack's mother have old lady fashion magazines like all moms do? xD

Then again, I don't want to see Yui with khaki pants riding over his stomach, suspenders, loafers, big ol' thick-framed glasses, and a plaid T-shirt. D8
Damn, this comic has got quite a lot of fans, and for good reason!

Keep up the good work, and you'll have tons more in no time. Also, I... didn't know you could draw. xD;

The two of them look so adorable!
Heh heh, I feel bad for that male student. I don't think he's been introduced, has he?

Anyway, I would love to commission you! Of course, there are two things I would have to do before that. One would be deciding on a character to be drawn. The other would be getting permission from my parents. I'm only fifteen years old, so I'm not quite of the age to buy things through paypal, but I don't think it'll be too much of a hassle, considering how low the price is and all...

I don't know, it's a 'maybe or maybe not' situation. xD
School work can suck, sometimes... I hope you can get those assignments done!
And as betweenyouandme319 said, don't feel guilty! Unlike most of us, you probably have a life. xD

Bibi: Lucky... D:

Anyway, as though I haven't said enough about the comic as a whole already, I absolutely adore the traditional feel of the artwork. And as for the page itself, Shiba is mighty considerate. I hope that boy doesn't have ulterior motives (and not the sexual kind, either).
Heh, Jack doesn't seem like the kind of guy that enjoys drawing a lot of attention toward himself, in this case through Yui.

And DAMN, that's a lot of people that gathered. o_o;
Awww, does Ryuu have a crush? Or does he just appreciate being treated nicely? Either way, cute page, with Ryuu blushing and all.

Anyway, if you hadn't pointed out the lack of a background, I never would have noticed. I mean, quite frankly, I notice it when artists produce exquisite backgrounds, ones that are full of detail, and I compliment them for it. However, even lacking them, I tend not to notice. ._.
Yui looks good with his hair up... But oh my god, so much going on in that bottom panel!

Did that girl hit her head on her way down to the floor? Like, /on/ the floor itself? I'm surprised nobody else is concerned about her. xD

Then, standing right next to her is a girl who obviously needs a longer top. And of course, the nerd in the upper right corner... He looks confused. I wonder if he can see over the crowd?

Also, off to the left, the person with two hearts above their head (closest to the door) looks awkwardly like Jack from that angle... Not to mention looks like a guy.

...Quite a bit to type up, this being my first comment and all on this webcomic. There were some other things that I wanted to say, but I'll just end it here with 'This comic rocks!', 'The art looks fantastic!', 'What a great script and story so far!', and 'I shall continue to read on as a fan.'
Is that the reason why Ryuu's in somewhat of a hurry to leave, then? Actually, I wouldn't be surprised if that weren't the case, because he actually tends to act like that normally. Well, if it's for the first reason, then I feel bad for him. If it's for the second, then... Lol! xD
Ryuu and his glasses both look awesome in that first panel. 8D

...I can't say much about this page. Sorry. xD
They're at a hospital due to Ryuu's injuries, yet Isamu seems like the one who should be admitted. Ahhh, how I love spastic Isamu... And how I like the change of attitude. It's so light-hearted, for now~ = 3=
Oooh, he looks very nice, if you ask me. I also quite like the first panel; Takuya looks very awesome, especially his outfit and expression. And no need to try better, as I think it looks good enough already. ._.

Oh yeah, and that's some very sexy table slamming you got going on there. xD
Ooh, mysterious, unknown figures is always a bad sign that something is going on behind the scenes...

Heh heh, I'm just absolutely loving the direction this comic is taking!
I didn't like the guy too much, anyway. xD
Still a shame, killing himself so easily like that.
I wonder if he even had a good reason? Hurrah for plot progression!
...And the close-up just completed the scene. 8D
Isamu has definitely got to be my favorite character, so far.

Also, it's all right not to draw the bullet. It gives the effect that it ended the slow motion, and went up to speed. It's hard to actually see a bullet travel in real life, so that's explainable.

And you're welcome, but really, I should comment more often. The only reason I didn't was because I didn't get online too much, and when I did, this comic would have a ton of updates. I love comics that deliver, and especially ones that deliver quickly, but I couldn't keep up before.

However, obviously, now I can, as I get on at least once every day. Excuse my rambling, though. As a reader, I feel it's my obligation to leave longer comments, as I know from experience that most artists/authors and such don't appreciate short comments. If you'd like, I can leave shorter ones. Gosh, sorry for talking so much. O_<
Hm... I actually can imagine the last panel being in slow motion. Now, all you need to complete the scene is a close-up on Isamu's face. xD

Yeah, I don't think I've ever commented on the comic before, but... It's pretty awesome so far.

Don't mind me, I'm typically awkward with my comments~ So, I apologize in advance if I talk a bit oddly, or if I come off as not being too friendly. >_O
Valchrist looks like a super hero in the first panel! xD

What Ninjies said is also true about the first panel. Which brings up my next point:

Megan's totally getting raped. :'D

Anyway, to Kittensarecute, she's probably paralyzed with fear. It's like falling off the roof of a 40-foot building: You ain't gonna scream, it's just going to happen. D:<
Only, you know... Valchrist isn't a 40-foot building, and Megan's not falling off of him.
Okay, that makes more sense. xD
But you'd still think he would have brought him to the guest room right away...
That couch better be damn comfortable, then! >__<
You telling me that Boots made Tom sleep on the couch until he was conscious? That's not courteous of him at all! Lol, how long was Tom out before waking up, anyway?
Oh yeah, there's something else I'd like to point out. Why is his box so clean when he isn't? His box is rich and has a nice home with a shower, doesn't it? D<
Well, actually...
Valchrist made his first appearance a couple of pages ago. x3