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@Triforce Fandom: Hello, I´m not sure if I will continue updating on this site, but you can follow my work at
@Triforce Fandom: I don´t know, I have been sick
@Triforce Fandom: Just wait and see
@Triforce Fandom: More like a freak show
@Triforce Fandom: Piccolo = Small, little
@Triforce Fandom: She isn´t showing anything else than her shoulders
@Triforce Fandom: More than nudity is vulnerability
@Triforce Fandom: Yup
@Triforce Fandom: A Disney reference?
@Triforce Fandom: Alice and Father Ben are the same height
@Triforce Fandom: Yeah, but that´s not gonna happen today XD
@Triforce Fandom: scared
@Triforce Fandom: she is scared, not blushed
@Triforce Fandom: "officially"? XD
@Triforce Fandom: XD
@Triforce Fandom: Hey, he eats a lot XD
@Triforce Fandom: XD you are really impatient
@Triforce Fandom: That´s why you ensure the door... TWICE XD
@Triforce Fandom: LOL XD