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My name is Lili. I'm from Bulgaria. I only recently became obssessed with manga. I adore BL comics with at least some kind of plot. But I'm not turn off by yaoi also.
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I would love a little Richard/Henry love moments. Please. {}
We need some love soon alright!

BTW I love your comic. I'm never giving it up. But try to update more often.
Hahaha. Nice one.
So when is the smut coming? *evil grin*
Yeah. You go Richard. That our boy.
That mother of his is awful. I hope she doesn't do anything to Henry though.
Damn that woman is scary. Can't she die from something instead.
Come on, Henry! Tell her! Be out be proud! :)
U better fix Henry soon cause I really miss the love scenes :)
Oh the LOVE. They look so sweet together. :)
Please, please Heldrad let Henry be OK. Will u?