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Been A While
Damn, Its been a long time. Had this comic on hiatus for a while, but now I'm back. I've got plenty of free time, so expect more updates soon!
Still more!
Dont worry this comic isnt over! It's just sort of on a back burner, Im in college at the moment and don't have a lot of free time like I used to! I haven't forgotten it yet though!
I know this is kind of a short one, but it helps move the plot along :D
Calaia is a wonderful girl, but don't let her make coffee, ever.
Why, yes she IS crazy.
heh, Sorry folks I just couldn't resist.
Thanks, it's weird looking back at my old work. I always want to go back and fix it.
By the way, I put your fanart up on the fanart page!
Why thank you!
perhaps you do have mystical powers, i was suddenly compelled to get this finished as soon as possible a little while ago!
This is awesome, instant fave! Can't wait to see where this goes!
It just won't die!
Yeah, it's hard to believe it's been that long! And I have no intention of stopping anytime soon!

Post a comment if you read Clockwork Breeze!
Thanks! Glad to know so many people (all 12 of you) like it so much!
Glad everyone enjoys it!
Sorry f it seems I've been falling behind, I've just started a new job, so I've got a couple of different things to focus on. Hopefully now that I've finally gotten the plot moving again i can get these done faster.
heh heh
Um, I'l leave that one up to the reader to decide! ;D
This one's rather simple I know, but more will be coming soon!

Feel free to leave a comment, or a question!
On Time! Woo!
Well i've finally been able to devote more ime to drawing this thing. Hopefully things will keep up like this.
Feel free to post a comment or ask a question!
Sorry 'bout the wait
apologies for this taking so long to make this one, I've been in between jobs. which sucks.
Somewhere between Da Vinci and Edison
Here's where it gets interesting...
I realized in the first chapter i never showed Thaddeus' home from the outside, so here it is.
More updates to follow soon.
hehe, miscommunication is always a good way to advance a plot.
oh dear, i didn't know that... o_o;
i should really look these kind of thing up beforehand.