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This is the end of chapter 1!
I'll be continuing with chapter 2 ^^
@Max2nd06: Now that you say it... :D
Well, it was my first time drawing a handgun, I'm sure it wll improve with time. :p
Thank you! :)
@Gogo Marz: Thank you so much! I noticed the "same-face syndrome" too in many series I've read, so when I started drawing mine, I wanted to avoid that.
These pages are rather old and my art style has changed a bit over the years (I hope it did for the better) so I look forward publishing the those newly drawn pages soon :)
@Gogo Marz: Thank you for your comment! A lot of work, indeed, and I still have a long long way to go.
I don't always use reference photos, but I feel like I should for better improvement. This school's building is actually based on the school I attend. :)
@Anonymous_All_The_Way: , You'll find out soon enough! ;)
Thank you so much!! <3