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Fellow artist on colorslive and miiverse. As I get comfortable here, I'll totally fill this thing out like crazy.

Current read: Folded: a Heart gold nuzlocke (by Emilianite). I love it so far! A good friend of mine recommended it.
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Now that its unfolded
Like everyone else has said, this has been the best nuzlocke comic! The ending was really sweet and everything just feels natural. You are an amazing writer as well as artist to bring these characters to life. All of the pokemon running after Silver on the page before was topped off by your simple humor of Slowbro just mosying its way along. The humor you added to this as a whole as well as the natures of everyone balanced the sorrows of losing members and the dangers of the adventure. It was a very nice story and I am very haply my friend showed me this and that I was able to read this through. And also to tell you in current events my appreciation for this wonderful story. Thank you!
This comic has been a blast! I'm glad there are a few pages left to read, but it's a bit sad to know it's going to end soon. I early wait for the next few pieces!

Also, did you make a comic based on Harry's adventure??
Family relations in Hoenn I love it!! Nice choice, makes sense of her hair xD I really liked Steven. I played Emerald, and he was cool as sleek a shiny stone :b xD
I love seeing these colored chapter pages. They are just nice art pieces!
@Emilianite: Em's face xD!! Best winning expression - 2017

Also Sky's wing flutter was a nice touch
@Emilianite: Don't worry about any lateness for the reply-- I'm grateful for one in general! It's been an amazing read so far and I'm pleasantly surprised to be able to look forward to new installments! And to be able to express my appreciation for it and read your response is just a super awesome bonus! Thank you!

As for me, I gotta read 'em all, so I'm going to skedaddle over to read your new page!
A good friend of mine recommended your story to me for reading about two weeks ago, and I have thoroughly enjoyed this!! It has inspired me to start my own Soulsilver nuzlocke. The way you write the characters feels so real, and the pokémon are so natural and lovable, its the best I've seen, even in official Pokémon like the anime or manga. I had no idea you were still writing this amazing story, and I'm happy to know I have more to read! Thank you for giving me laughs with the Slowpoke Well, and the Squirtle Squad references, those were awesome. I made an account here just to tell you this and give my thanks and appreciation. I'll be a reader to the end and hopefully beyond. Keep up the amazing work!

Sincerly, ~Gills