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I wonder if he's not only mad about the fire but also Ky almost got himself killed. I feel like there is so much more behind the "ya know you ever think of others" comment than just the fire. Plus he's literally laid up in Kim's bed...which could mean nothing but
woop there it is
@PureAcidDreamer: Yeah I really thought we were gonna go straight to yellin or something
@Aiyse: omg that made me lol and not just the no emotion typing an lol but an actual chuckle
They're so cute and they melt my heart
Listennn I in no way want Kylee to get hurt but like if he did we get to see Kim hopefully come to the rescue and like that i'm here for
I am so excited for this!
Cue Howie talking to a cute boyo which then causes a jealous Sooch who is then confused as to why he is jealous and then angst ensues. okay bye
I'm here for all of this! Go Nathan Go sweep him off his feet!
Wait who am I supposed to ship here because I'm all over the place ahhh
Is the chapter going to end with some lovely fluffy hair brushing moments because I live
Wth she's adorable! Also this page makes me nervous like what will happen next!
Ohhh how they have grown physically and mentally. We stan character development.
I just love his Uncle okay
Omg I love them already
Okay I love Dana can they be my friend?
@Arcane Allusion: gotcha see I didn't think he was a minor but I wasn't a hundred percent
Okay, I lowkey for got Kylee was a teenager but is under the age of consent? Also I just look forward to this comic every week I work night shift at a desk and it always updates right when my shift starts which is so nice. It's something to look forward to.
I could be wrong but the grip on his hand in the last panel could make for a slightly less aggressive more soft Kim in the next page.