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@Darwinskeeper: Well to put it in this context: they were in an isolated lab their entire lives. They literally didn't know where on earth they were for the entire time. It took 300+ strips for us the reader to learn the fictional country this has been taking place in. In regards to "Chad", a male, when they saw him in costume, they assumed that he was simply a hybrid who was suffering from genetic complications. Everything was supposedly off to them. Of course this indicates the charade didn't last long.
@Bottas Heimfe:

He was technically introduced in an after hours comic. The hybrids of the den see this guy in his wolf costume (he wears it for his job: dancing and sign spinning to advertise for some mattress store), think he's one of them, and kidnap him off the street.

If that comic was of any indication... Alpha prrooooobably knows it's him. I'm honestly surprised he's alive. Either they STILL haven't put two and two together, or Alpha is the only one onto him and it's a chicken-boo scenario.
I'm guessing they do have menstrual cycles in spite of being sterile. Either that or they found a few more uses for them.

As I and others have suspected: October is likely the one doing the talking due to her octopus lineage. The mimic octopus can change the color and even placement of their skin cells to manipulate light into all sorts of shapes, colors, and textures to some extent. So naturally October can change the appearance of her hair tentacles into something that passes as hair. Throw on a pair of shades with that hoodie and no one's gonna be the wiser when she goes in to buy things.
@Darwinskeeper: I believe that was covered either in an after hours comic. For one thing: to the hybrids, forming relationships with those of similar species (tiger+tiger or wolf+wolf) is close enough to incest to them, forbidden love in other words. Plus they aren't seeing eye to eye on some things.
@Darwinskeeper: You know... I asked the same thing, but my theory is this. October handles the shopping. If she's say: part mimic octopus, then she can just wear a hoodie to hide the "hair", wear some shades, and shift her skin tone to be more 'human' looking. This way she can walk into convenience stores and buy what she wants. If anyone gets suspicious of that get-up, she could also wear a surgical mask and just cough a few times, no one wants to get close to a sick person.

That being said. I choose to believe what Alpha truly wants, but even she doesn't know it fully herself yet: is JUSTICE. I say that in all caps because it's to be hot-blooded justice. Can her family truly be free if they have to live in hiding? Live in fear? They can't truly have peace of mind otherwise. Alpha's course might be shaped by a need to do something to put an end to those fears. How she chooses to do so is the question.
Mo Money...
Wait... that's paper money. How the hell do they spend it? Do they send it to the den and they do something with it? Do they go in disguise to buy things? Last I checked, most pharmacies today don't have drive-through windows...
@Yamchi: Moonlight and Alpha are obvious. Wolves.
Sharon is a shark.
Mary kind of rhymes with Mare a word describing a female horse.
October is a Mimic Octopus
Ollie is some sort of owl.

Mugger is a trashpand- raccoon. They have bandit mask patterns on their fur.
Fel used to be called Flare because she was a red-head.
Pawsy has big thick hands that are almost like paws.
Alex I realize is similar to the term Alopex lagopus, an arctic fox (granted Alex seems to be a more woodlands fox than anything).
Bagheera is a panther, likely named after the Disney Character in "The Jungle Book" (1967).
Bravo, the white bunny with shades, well... an obvious nod to Jhonny Bravo. Hilariously enough, the aforementioned cartoon character's mother's name is Bunny Bravo.
Tax Dollars At Work
1. Spend billions on making (waifu) super-soldiers.

2. Spend years training them to handle damn near anything you can think of.

3. Realize they don't have names. Hastily come up with a thousand puns. GENIUS!
Well this is a nice turn of events. I think? They all seem like they're on edge. Perpetually. I do believe I recognize that shark from one of Mugger's or Alex's flashbacks of the lab.
Huh, I think... this is the actual first sort of authority figure that has ever been encountered by the cast since the lab incident.
@Roxxie: looks like all four of them are in on it. They're not swapping partners or anything but...
It is not hammerspace I think. I do believe there's just SO MUCH FLUFF that it covers what she's hiding. Mostly belts and straps for lightweight objects.
Human Holidays
You know, in spite of everything, I think the hybrids would like Festivus. They can show off with feats of strength, air their (undoubtedly long list of) grievances, and end with quite the wrestling match.

Alpha might like it.
@argentlupus: Flustered Snek is Flustered.
Best Case Scenario: the roof rabbits done goofed, and the media has swarmed the place before anyone else could make a move. Media can move mountains... this is where the hybrids can make a swing.

Second Worst Case Scenario: South Haven Compromised.

Worst Case Scenario: All havens compromised, in the bloodiest way possible.

You are correct, well, as a project for her costume design and make-up class in college. Now how do you explain it still being on?
@Sherberttcat: Good question since Honey is apparently a bartender. The taste? Maybe they like sweet and fruity drinks? Or maybe they spike it with Absinthe?
@Guest: As far as we know, Fel hasn't eaten much in a few days, considering hybrids could conceivably get by with less, but at the same time they have a higher metabolism, she can scarf down on the bacon all she likes. It is her comfort food.
Book 3: Part 5 The Beach
@gert10: Yeah, ever since that first night around the fire I kinda got a sort of "Avatar The Last Airbender" beach episode vibe from this.