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Book 3: Part 5 The Beach
@gert10: Yeah, ever since that first night around the fire I kinda got a sort of "Avatar The Last Airbender" beach episode vibe from this.
@Bottas Heimfe: Forget money, the moment their movement is even hinted at outside of that place, I'd wager that every nation that knows about them are going to try to either snatch one up or axe them. Money's the least of their problems.
@Bottas Heimfe:

They're certainly neutral... okay suppose they are going to be nice with the girls. How will they get there? So far the hybrids are already either scattered (MIA or locked up in a lab in other nations), or just contained within the island nation of Hedron.
@Bottas Heimfe: How would they know which one would have that attitude?

If you're thinking the US, I would wholeheartedly disagree.
@Kenno Arkkan:

Is this code for going Game of Thrones on these guys?
September 27th, 2017
@Bottas Heimfe:

Sounds too extreme. Although one of the rabbits getting caught would be interesting... or them just happening upon someone else in the know, for better or worse.
The Dankest
And now I have some reaction image fodder. Time for dank memes.

Also, I know I'm late on the uptake here but this is basically a beach episode where swimsuits aren't involved much are they?
@Black Pete:

As an artist I'm indifferent to the layout. Granted I did somewhat miss the standard comic book layout. Sometimes creativity and ingenuity can flourish in light of limitations.
@spat: You mean Green?

If not, fel and green get to wrassle a gator. Although this would be a fun time to introduce a gator hybrid.
@OnyxheartWolf: Well they are flavored, plus there can be a lot of fetish play with condoms as far as I can tell.

I know what was intended. I just decided to joke around a bit. Still, I wonder if Southern Haven is just all wolves. There are only around six there.

Why yes it is! It's that unnamed wolf-woman who Mugger has flashback dreams about apparently. From page 129 (136).

Why didn't they use that the first time? Hell, I'd wager even at that time, Hedron's government could have EASILY played it up to be a "terrorist bombing" if the facility was inland by any capacity. Don't even have to use missile strikes, just rig the place to go boom in one big show.
@xpacetrue: Okay, now I can't help but think of the climax of Pirates of the Caribbean 3. IIRC, a ship's captain can officiate a marriage.

Either way, I would have to say that the following would likely wind up getting involved. PREDICTIONS MODE:

1. Trace wants in only because she gets to flex her skills as a hair-stylist and fashionista.

2. Bagheera would only be involved as a security measure. Super cautious.

3. Michael is likely the one 'giving Fel away'.

4. Pawsy there as a filler and obviously 'Felicity's sister'. Green's there as Pawsy's SO.

5. A few of the "History Division", out of curiosity.

6. Mugger and Deniz, friends of the Bride and Groom.

7. Alpha, asshole wedding crasher/vigilante security provided its not at or near the Den.