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@Rosscoe: The bunnies still chow down on bacon you know, in fact I think only Bonnie is the only one who actually eats carrots.
@Raposo: Well let's see... one is a lawyer, so I guess he could represent them. But would they be on the prosecuting or defensive side of things. Unless he covers a specific side of law... Not much is known about Toby aside from anger issues, could be the "Alpha" of Al's side of the wedding worse case scenario.
@Patches: If this were a JRPG, a protagonist would find it and reforge it all to kill satangodhitlerjesusbhudda or something ridiculous.
September 25th, 2018
@Guest: At least she's actively avoiding most randos to begin with. Moreover, she's got some emotional support animals with her. Might bring out the better, more nurturing/ leadership traits she's shown before all this shit hit the fan.
September 24th, 2018
Kenno-san... you're not thinking of... doing an after hours on this?! Alpha... while deeply flawed... wouldn't tamper with such a tenuous bond?
September 10th, 2018
@Guest: "Forced to watch as her pack mates and most likely closest friends were slaughtered by red eyes."

So here's the thing. Pack synch. It seems to allow the wolves to feel each other's thoughts, emotions, and sensations. Alpha likely didn't simply WATCH her friends and family die. She literally felt them all die, and possibly still does feel them as dead or dying. An indescribable sensation of pain, rage, indignation, and the unknowable oblivion that follows. Bound to drive even the most stalwart and hardened souls mad. I mean, Moonlight was on the verge of taking her own life from feeling what Alpha was carrying with her. That's how fucked up Alpha is on the inside.
September 10th, 2018
Alpha just might be straight-up leaving to live in exile from everyone. I mean if that isn't the look of a broken spirit I don't know what is. She doesn't know who to turn to.

Worse case scenario, Alpha might just commit suicide over this. I mean holy shit. She hasn't said a word since having the news broken to her.
@msouth: If it's done against the right people. These guys are just a bunch of jackasses who got a lucky shot due to Alpha's fuck-up in the first place. All Alpha did here was exacerbate it.

The real revenge I'd pursue in her position is amassing as much evidence possible of the atrocities visited upon the hybrids, as well as any evidence of further war crimes Hedron used them to commit. I know some hybrids blame the scientists that brought them into this world, but I think at least getting the jerks who gave the kill orders in the first place should answer for their crimes.
@That Guy: Doubtful. If moonlight's dead, then she'll either suffer a breakdown of some kind. I imagine she caves and at the recommendation of the doctor, she goes and sees Duerf. Or, she becomes a lone wolf vigilante, and starts a mad quest for vengeance, blaming not only herself, but the whole of humanity for her suffering.
@Kuraihoshi: While a lot of people hate Alpha, and I don't blame them. I have to play devil's advocate (or would it be... hmmm... Alpha's advocate I guess?) and point out that Moonlight engaged the pack synch, not Alpha. So really, it's up to Moonlight to decide what to do with Alpha. How she comes out of this in the end is what we're waiting for.
Alpha, the doctor will bring you that iodine. Burning. Stinging. Iodine.
@Guest: I'm guessing it's someone we haven't formally met yet. Likely one of the scientists from the flashback.
@Guest: SUCK MY DI- oh wait Imma girl...

@Guest: Better shot would be to go for the sword or Moonlight's hands, to get her to not fucking kill herself. I know she's suffering, but god damn suicide is not the way. Those two. Duerf's office. After emergency first aid and bed-rest of course. Possibly surgery when needed. Hope Monica and Green make house-calls.
@Darwinskeeper: All wolves can use that "Pack Sense" technique, which allows them to effectively coordinate and mimic their actions. It seemingly "joins" their minds in "processing power", allowing them to fight on a whole new level.

Moonlight engaged the pack sense, only in attempt to calm Alpha down in hopes to keep her from going on a rampage alone. Unfortunately, Alpha's personality and experience with Pack Synch overtook Moonlight. This is forcing Moonlight to fight while gut-shot. Alpha feels moonlight's pain too, only likely fueling her rage. Now here we are, Moonlight emotionally overwhelmed by Alpha's psyche, and the abject horror of slaughtering... well I can't say DEFENSELESS, but cowering and surrendering humans. Again, Alpha is about to learn a very sad lesson on what a blind pursuit of vengeance can do to a person.
Jesus christ how horrifying. Alpha you are about to learn a very... sad lesson.
@Guest: Hey. Don't say that. I mean, there's probably no hell greater than the one she's made for herself anyways at this rate. I can think of only one or two people that would consider taking her in after this. She's at best like a protagonist of a greek tragedy, a person of renown has been brought low by her actions, and only by changing her ways can she ever recover. She must seek atonement, and find a way to cope with her anger. As an aside, if she wants to keep pursuing some form of revenge, she must find a way to deal with it that isn't as self destructive or harmful to her friends.
@Guest: Alpha's not the one fighting while fucking injured.
@Guest: These guys in question are bad guys. Supposedly. I mean they seem to be up to no good considering there's a lot of money and guns involved. I mean... who ships money like that? Worse case scenario for them is that it's counterfeit, and they damn near died for nothing.
Bad To Worse
Although I think I want to see Alpha doing a flying rainbow kick on one of the badguy's faces. Just seems like the level of pissed she's at right about now. Either that, or we might see her at her worst... hope she isn't planning on eating them...