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August 29th, 2013
If you guys are going to be in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area this weekend, I'll be sharing an art table with friends at Anime Fest! It's a four day convention due to Labor Day, so come by and say hi!

We are ordering new books of The Class, so I won't have those. However, I'll have prints, original pages, art cards, commissions and originals!

More info can be found here:
August 5th, 2013
It's okay, Gabe. How were so supposed to know Dara was just threatened by a psychopath? Though, you really shouldn't be creeping in her room Twilight-style.
Jaysen and I are going to be at Denver Comic Con this weekend!

We'll have lots of fun stuff for sale, the most exciting being trade paperbacks of The Class! Vol. 1 collects issues 1-6 and for the first time, Vol 2, collecting issues 7-12.

We'll also be on a couple of panels, and we'll update with times and locations as soon as we know.

Updates resume Monday!
April 15th, 2013
Hey lovely fans! If you enjoy The Class, than you should totally go check out Jazu the Wanderer!
Jazu is brought to you by the fabulous Jaysen Headley, writer of The Class, and L.W. Marks, a good friend and one of my favorite artists. Go, go, go! Give it love!
I'm going to be at Staple! this weekend! If you are in the Austin area, come and see me!
February 17th, 2013
Haha, you guys are right. Reason number 549 why I shouldn't post stuff on the internet when tired. Though I must say, I do feel a bit like Gollum with my new precious.....
February 15th, 2013
Whose got two thumbs and now has a brand new computer that won't corrupt all her digital files and crash constantly? THIS GAL!
Check out this lovely Erika fanart by RayleneQuinn! You can see more of her amazing artwork here:

Issue 12 starts up again on Monday!
@Xhesika: dat ass...
Merry Christmas from Marni & Edward!
This is a lovely gift art from my talented friend Angi. You should check out her webcomic Devil's Cake here:
Hey there! Jessi here.
You probably know me fromThe Class , an ongoing collaboration between me and writer Jaysen Headley.
Here I've decided to make my old 2009 and 2010 24 Hour Comic Challenge pages available to the general public again by uploading a page a day!
For those not in the know, the 24 Hour Comic Challenge is where you plan, thumbnail, pencil, ink and letter 24 comic pages in 24 hours. The goal is that by focusing on quantity over quality it helps you level up by getting over your artistic hangups So the quality is rough, but I still think the stories are fun!
I hope you guys enjoy. :)
November 21st, 2012
Huzzah! Jaysen is back home!
November 8th, 2012
@Rin: email me! Jezzacat @ gmail. Com
November 2nd, 2012
Per some readers great suggestions I'll be sending everyone a high-res clip of themselves once I've drawn them in.

(On that note, I really hope I'm doing everyone justice! ;_;)

We'll be doing a livestream to do the drawing of the winners of an original page. Stay tuned for further details from Jaysen! He's had to leave his apartment and stay with friends due to Sandy, but he should be running at a fuller capacity soon. :)
November 2nd, 2012
@Rin: Sure thing!
November 2nd, 2012
@mudkip003: I will do that!
October 5th, 2012
My computer is bugging out again, but I was at least able to scan the inked page in! I'll hopefully have tones and dialogue up tomorrow. In the meantime, I'll let you guys MST3K this sucker and come up with your own dialogue!
Edit: TONED (as in...grey stuff...not Nido's abs)
October 3rd, 2012
Erika does not like being included in your non-brainiac comment, Gabe.
September 29th, 2012
Some fun facts about this page:
-I put a lot of blood, sweat and tears into it. Mostly tears as I was 2/3 done with the first version when I spilled massive amounts of ink across it at 3 am. (Thankfully at the time only my cat was around to witness my breakdown) This is the second version of page, thus the delay.
-There are no reader cameos in this page, because non of you strike me as crazy cult followers.
-I always make up a backstory for each random character as I draw them.
-Half the time while I was drawing this page I just kept thinking of Arrested Development's "STEVE HOLT!"
-My brother visited from out of town while I was originally working on this page and did his own version on his iPad. You can see it here: ternate

September 16th, 2012
Issue 11 begins this week!

A big thank you to everyone who has sent in pictures for the crowd scenes, you guys are fantastic! We are still accepting pictures, so send 'em in!