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We are together// she said she liked me so now we together. after a few years....;;;..

Name is my name.....yes i'm that old..............and i have no fucking life!!!!!!

I like fanart and comments...boys...girls....yaoi,hentia,yuri,hetero

you are back to life here?
sorry....for who they are with.
it is a pic has Alex and Ann -nickname- They are such mean cousins. She is always makeing fun of him when she wins
ha ha ha you confused me! X3 XX3OH3XX
sorry i was sleepy when i did this! sorry but i thought that the person left
this is about who wants there people paired up with. okay

well this is just a pic okay not like i am saying they will be together. a example. But if you people coment then it will be easy.

1.Alex X
2.Dion X
3.Angel X
4.Lake X
5.Nevermore X
6.Delium X
7.Yan cho X
9Frank X -lol-

1.Becca X
2.Bianka X
3.Ima X
4.Yan Chi X
5.Luna X
6.Amira X
7.Anaxandra X
8.Kori X
9.Abby X

we need to update more please. We need to keep it alive.

WE NEED MORE MALES!!!! about people if you feel like makeing a male then be happy and do
Names: Anaxandra Andrew
Age: 18
Height: 5'3"
Weight: 180 lbs
Birth year: 1991
Likes: Cute things, boys -duh moment-, movies, cute boys, comics, DC, Marvale, Puppies, Dogs, Hugges, and playing video games with Alex and winning
Dislikes: Mean people, and being made fun of.
Bio: Anaxandra really doesn't like talking to people but sense she got into college she is out on her own.She is moveing into the Garden motels. So she got a job at the cafe because she knows becca. They are friends.

yes i put another character on maybe people will start updating lol but i love you people.
OMG!!! alex will live right next to here in the apartment! i will make a page

i live with my dad and we have ugly people.
Name: Alex
Age: 23
Weight: some weight
Birth year: 1988?
Likes: Females?,french, cream, candy, miso, lies
Dislikes: being with people
Bio: He grew up with out family. He lived in a foster home till 16 when he ran away to be alone. Then after he found his parents he doesn't want anything to do with them.
this is part 2 and she has a bloody nose. lol

she has a bad sense of detection. So she is lost
WOW he is really young to be a teacher!

but he is cools
Dude i love purple
Hello!~ thanks for letting me join!~

Rebecca D.
Gender: female
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130 lbs
Likes: Milk, dogs, blue, orange, and tattoos
Dislikes: loud music,
Personality: clumsy, funny, happy, and annoying sometimes.
SHe faved my pic!
I was bored and drawing so i just drew this hope ya'll like it.

well the heart card thing says to: damon! lol
thanks for the lovely coments!

@Magic-gil: thanks? no i just use my pencile and mouse.

@alain1609: thanks well i like this restart i was not getting it in the begining.