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I used to do "comics". I did a mediocre-yet-SJ-award-winning comic called Poring Quest, which I never properly finished.

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@HalfAssedChaos: I do miss comics a little, but I have no idea what I would even do nowadays if I did do them anymore.
All is good though, is HAC making a return sometime soon?
That's very true, although I didn't want things to get too dark between the gang. Time to write fanfiction tho.
And that's it folks, that's the end of Poring Quest, the true ending as it would have been if I had finished it fully.


Thanks again to all the followers and I hope to see some of you again sometime!
So, around a year and a half after the last update, I decided that this comic deserves some kind of ending, even if it's mostly text.
So, for any of you who are still around, here it is.
The second part will be posted tomorrow and then that will be it, Poring Quest will officially have An Ending and will never be revisited.
I also never got a chance to properly thank all of you for reading and sticking with this comic, and for voting for it to win that award back in 2011.
So thank you all, I shall see you again tomorrow for the finale.
@Demety: Episode #53 Season's greetings
I still don't know what coca cola even is
LR really didn't last as long as in Tri.
I am probably gonna get like one or two HR sets done and suddenly I'll be in G rank doing it all over again.
Aw yiss, I'm HR3, NNID is Caedeus [yes that's ceadeus but with the ea swapped]
We should totally get a'huntin'.
I've been switching between longsword, dual swords and hammer mostly this time through, though I really wanna get good with bow. Lovin' my wroggi armour. POISON IMMUNE COWBOY AW YE
Oh dude I think maybe
I think maybe the city grew up around the beanstalk
Scarred guy's face.
Boats seem like fun till you get in one and remember why you hate them.
dem pixels man
is there an age rating on this?
hot damn
Hat girl's dad! Fina- Oh.
> Obfuscate.
:3 aw yiss

I might go play it now.
>Collect all 8 pages.
Everyone must take a 1D6 boner check
I totally did not spot the thing that was hidden and did not get a smile out of it.
Pastafarian Nunchuk Pirate-Priest