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when she says weird dragonfly necklace incident from archipelago can someone tell me what part of the other comic this is since i dont remember it
Woah I thought this comic was not updating anymore. Man glad to see you back :) What an update
@Guest: Pretty much its a character from another comic that just showed up here. Vexx was another comic that was really good unfortunately it stopped updating...
Is that the djinn? That doesnt look good
Drapion has no cut on him at all
Aye there is a mega stone on his crown
September 25th, 2017
i wonder if anybody has a problem with jerry slowly becoming more normal.
ive been depressed about this comic for too long. I hope things cheer up soon
Smiles go for miles is the 2nd to last line of the wigglytuff guild morning chant thingy. I wonder how many people got that reference
@Char89: shucks he is a genius XD
wait rose can smile?
castor and pollux were weedle?
the reason why i love these comics would be the personality of the characters. they all seem so unique
@GamingNinja: lol people usually pop my backline but i just noticed it said target any card on the field XD that makes it even stronger
@GamingNinja: i hate that deck so much especially when tiger pops your entire backline
Bronzong has levitate i hope
Recently found this comic and I am enjoying it very much. Keep up the good work :)