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Mushroom Flabs
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it's another pesky bee
so like, if the people in hell dont seem to be that bad, what about the serial killers and stuff?
it's always carnival
@Ian Evans: challenge accepted
Dasani is the t h I n g
try turning it on and off again
what a fucking edge lord
l o o k s l I k e s o m e o n e I s h a v I n g a b a d d r e a m
dah... that's hot
@GummyRush: Mainly the colors, backgrounds, and expressions.
@GummyRush: So I think it's obvious I really like this comic, and I was wondering if you could give me some tips on how you tell your stories.
I'm asking because of a comic I've been working on recently called the KD crew.
dino man hits window part 2: electric boogaloo
dino man hits window
Well, well, well
Y O U W O N !
that's it im faving this