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New Start.
I'm beginning a whole new Evil the Penguin Overlord. I kept the original pages so that we can look on them and gasp in horror that what I started this comic strip with.

The new comic will actually have a story to go with it and more bad jokes to chuckle uneasily as you realize how ackward it is to know someone does think it's funny...

I will keep this up as a preview of what is to come. However there will be no new comics uploaded until I have enough of a buffer to be able to upload at least 1 or 2 times a week.
All this makes me want to do is see one of you guys make a new comic advising against giant comic panel sized warnings about "I made this, steal it and Die!".
A Zenia, she is such a wonderful friend. She drew Evil for me.

Check out what else she has done at
Yes, it's the same Dragonsbld on Gaiaonline, now going by [- DB -]. Feel free to check if you wish. I link back here in my signature on gaia.
Ah, this is something I have a lot of experience with. It's actually quite enjoyable to see flamers (to me anyway). It's kind of fun to see what kind of flamer you get. Mostly they are just the "OMG N0ob, u suk" types, but on occasion I get the articulate flamers.
Even Global Warming is against Evil taking over the world. Damn you melting polar ice, give Evil back his nuclear power plant so he can power his evil empire!
Of all the things I've drawn in my life, I'd have to say drawing a Giant Squid attacking has to be in the top 5.
I know there is a small error in the animation. But lets pretend it was meant to be there.

With that in mind, March Evil Army, March!
Rude Comments
I have many guests who refer to this site, I wouldn't want to ruin it for others because of one troll. I'm going to have the occasional troll. They amuse me actually.