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I'm a webcomic whore.

Okay now that thats out of the way. Hullo, My name is Sarah, I are a graduated high school stoodent. I are 18, woo. I love art in all forms. I am a very friendly person, though I do come off as shy sometimes. :3

+Anime Weekend Atlanta - I am always found at AWA. Been going in since AWA8. Good times have been had there, and they will continue to be had.
+Dragon*Con - I have started attending Dragon*Con, it is conveniently set upon my birthday almost always, so it's going to be a 'have to' con from here on out.
+Momo-con - I've been going to Momo since it started up, 'cept last year when the big tornado swept through atlanta.
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1 wtf face plz. :D
And the universe implodes from the Clover/Ren/Monday drama lama episode! D:
These are going to be some fun next few pages.
Awww shit! <3
why are there two charmanders?
Never thought I'd see a Pern fancomic. =)
Good stuff so far. I loved the books and I'm loving your interpretation of as a webcomic.
I'm loving the comic so far~!
Julian is totally Uke, but tries to act like seme and Theo is seme but really doesn't care. =D
Or so I think.
Huba Huba! <3
Page of Denial is Page of Win.
We all fight with our characters at some point.
As long as you're happy with your character's I'm happy with 'em.
'Tis your story after all. =D
How did she suddenly end up in Japan?