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@dracone: good thing they have radios XD
It's coming back! =D
@dracone: Oh yea theres gonna be some folks talkin about it XD
@dracone: looks like the city will have to use that Disaster Insurance XD
@dracone: Oh yea...good thing he's resilliant tho XD;
Story Flow Change
Alright we've reached the point of this story where the flow of pages and panels have reversed. The pages from this point forward will be read from Left to Right in the standard format! I hope you guys still enjoy!
@dracone: oh yes. Even worse whent he woman is not from our planet XD
Part 2 > Part 3
I've gone ahead and blown through the rest of Part 2 and gone into Part 3 of the Arc =3 so cliffhanger, meet bridge x3
@dracone: She don't hold back punches much xD;
PSA: Don't. Smoke. Crack. e3e
XD that reference!
nothing wrong with books x3
People get it confused with Far Far Away in the next Galaxy. It's famous for it's wars e3e