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@dracone: She don't hold back punches much xD;
PSA: Don't. Smoke. Crack. e3e
XD that reference!
nothing wrong with books x3
People get it confused with Far Far Away in the next Galaxy. It's famous for it's wars e3e
She really doesn't like being admired does she? o3o

also I think that kid might need some tissues e3e
This Guy XD
Emo Ninja ( <3 btw >w> )
You got your Kill la Kill saiyan over here XD
THis class is Diverse o3o
Oh this looks interesting owo
@dracone: He's...a special kind of guy x3;;
@dracone: Yea I'm not really too proud with the dialogue sequence on this page. I may definitely change it around once I get to it
@dracone: Yep yep. It's a crazy universe out there after all from our end xD
@dracone: not a bad prediction =3
@dracone: Aye your right. I was unsure of how I should include that into this as well without being typical
My same reactions O_O