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We are the comic circle of 'FLANBA', creating comic and fancomic alike! We hope you like our work and visit again soon!

Two university students from Oxford, UK. It has been our goal for many years to become recognised comic creators; we know it is a long and hard path to take, but we are dedicated to our dream and will do all we can! Please show us your support if you like what you see! Early days, and we can only get better :3

If you would like to find out more about us, please visit the contact page of the website listed in this profile.
September 30th, 2009
Brilliant start!

I really like your loose sketchy style, you're doing this all electronically? I wish I could use a tablet :( Well, you've got me interested so far, keep it up! What kind of schedule are you aiming for? I'd advise against daily D: You know why D:

Aaaahhh it doesn't feel awkward at all, which as problem you get in a lot of webcomics and comics alike. Your panels flow nicely, and the speech is easy to follow :)

Good luck! <3
YOU GOT IT! she's so sexy :x
Wow~ Staggering amount of feedback for the idea of buying the first volume. We'll aim to get it made for before christmas! See what santa brings ;D

SO. We have a NEW BANNER Go check it out! School boy Yui will be presenting us for now.

If you want to see the full picture then go here.

It's something new, the author, Tala, drew this one :O

Anyways! New page! We're updating to everyone's enjoyment, yes? 8D

P.S We'll sign all books when made.
To everyone above: Yeah, you guys are right on the dot for England prices. Manga here sells for roughly £6/12$ so... we think thats reasonable. We'renot sure houw much it'll cost to make. But, for sure, we'd shove a load of extras and goodies in for you. We'll probably go over-board in that department XD;
LOL, Yui is picking up Jack's mums' lingo. Have AT you, sir Jacky.

Hey guys. I was wondering, we have like... hm... about 2-3 more chapters until we have enough to make this into a volume 1 book. If we were to make it, who would buy it for a reasonable price? if we have enough responses, we'll start looking into it.

I mean, I know its nice to read online, but I myself find it satisfying to have manga that I can hold.

Just a thought. Tell me what you think? ~Tala.

I hate this page so much D: ~Li
Hey guys, sorry it's late; we both had work until 4am :/

It's probably not noticeable, but I keep forgetting my nice pens, so these last two pages have been done with biro XDDD I even forgot my PENCIL for this page so it's had to be cleaned up a lot :/

OMG, really rushing this, its not the best scan but we'll upload the cleaner version later! gotta run, late for work! EEEE~

P.S ... Yui is clueless, isn't he? <3

EDIT: The clean version of this page now up, oooo, so cleaaan~ *rubs*
As promised, new update!

Yui has entered the building! lol XD He changed his apperance a bit, no phing-ears, shorter hair! etc. :O

We just keep laughing at the passed out girl, 8DDD

Update same again tomorrow! Throw some comments our way! What do you think of Yui's new look? <3
After having quite a few emails asking when the new updates were happening, we decided to get our butts into action and update again.

We have no internet atm, so we walked up a mile long hill to our university at 1:30 AM to post for you guys lol

;^; we are so pooped.

Update again...TOMORROW. Watch our guys, we're back. 8D.

Did you expect this to be something important?? LOL. Okay, seriously.. we're moving around oxford more than we are breathing! so no official updates! BUT! an insight to how our decisions and discussions are made!

Did you think we made them seriously?

Oh! no nagging about updates please, we'll be back soon! Apologies to innocent eyes, Yui likes his nekkie tiem. 8D
WELL hello, children!
A month exactly! That's pretty lame for us.

Our excuses are university exams. I guess thats not as important as entertaining you guys! But important nonetheless! Our 14 week break starts now though, so a page a day is back up starting now!

I've learnt my lesson never to ask you to spam again. LOL.

Oh, doesn't Yui look rather FASHIONABLE here? If not, then blame Jack who left Yui in charge of his own wardrobe choices. LOL.

Anyways, miss us? :333

Your art is so gorgeous! And the humour is spot on in this!! I love all the ass-viewings, it's hilarious! We all love a good butt crack!! ROFL.

Damn, running out of pages caused me pain! Keep it up! <33
8DDDD Dude, I cackled me ass off at Jack's expression. See that little brain SNAP right in there? Yeah? *sigh* ah, yeah...

Omg! Yui ... at a SCHOOL!? Wtf. W.T.F. Jack... watch it... your sanity and dignity is walking fine lines! So Yes! Check back in a week, in 7 whole days, for chapter 3! In the meantime, spam our website, draw us stuffs, and show us your LOVE by spamming this page.

Well? What are you still looking at me for?? SPAM SPAM SPAM!! 8DD


Chapter Two can be downloaded in full here.
Tomorrow is the last page of Chapter Two!


In the meantime, please enjoy the small amounts of angst you will find in this comic ;D Do you think Jack is taking it well...? I think... he's totally snapped XDD He can't still think he's dreaming, right?

I kinda liked how this page turned out, which is rare for me.

-- Li
LOL S&M.... you guys. What do you take us for? Oh we lol'ed. Do you really think Jack has that in him? Look at that one cheek blush and tell me he has it in him.

He'd run for the hills. Oh, and we're aiming for the craziest SFX's ever.

*Rubix* and *Gets Up* are SO sound effects, okay? LOL
I like how this page turned out, actually.

Anyways, So... Smackjeevers seem to like Kuren most. XD Interesting!

Also, if you are keen to see anything/have suggestions for sections on the site, do tell! At this stage we'll seriously consider it!

P.S - LOL @ Rubix SFX
We're aware this page sucks XD But, we're guessing we're gonna have our off days too XD

So, we've been hearing that Charles is the favourite non-intro-ed character so far, from looking at the character profiles on the main site, what do you guys think? Who do you like the look of best? <3
Tala - I'm colouring the pages and putting them just on the site if you're interested! LOL ZOIKS! Quick! Wish man! Into the closet!