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I like Kirby, Harry Potter, Art, video games, anime and manga... It can be a long list.
That's Ferret, for you. He really likes Ferrets. Hey, here's a Ferret for you, Ferret! *gives Ferret a Ferret*
Poor Kirby is right. Lol. YOU'VE GOT A CALL, KIRBY!

Kirby: *picks up phone*
Phone: *RK's voice* Ring ring ring ring ring... Banana Phone!

^^Lame joke ftw!
*squish* *;emosewakr emote*
Noes! I don't know where the crystal is from! Oh well.

I love the line in the first panel. "Don't I at least get a magazine?" Lol. xD
Breaking the fourth wall ftw!! Ah, villains never seem to think everything all the way through. XD
*parties* Who do you think would actually win a duel, though? Me or JetCell?
September 2nd, 2008
Ooh, this is interesting... A straightforward girl like that is pretty rare to me. She's too honest. X3
Can't wait to see how this turns out!

Btw, when will I appear? :3
I'd Like To guest Star Please
*insert ;emosewakr smiley here*
Did you forget someone?
Why am I not in it? T_T
Great Lightning Kirby! Wewt! XD

Maybe He's distantly related to me =O
Lol, just kidding. Really.