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LOL!! Nice! XD I would be totally frustrated if the person didn't know what I was talking about! XD
Lol~! How much for it? :D
NOOOOOOOO! CLIFF HANGER!! Maple story is AWESOME!!! Can't download it though my computer is not agreeing with me :[
lol this comic is hilarious! XD
This is such an awesome comic!!! XD
AWESOME!!!! What's going to happen I wonder! >:D
I can see that your comic is blossoming into a wonderfully complex rose :D <(that stuff random... ALL WAYS WANTED TO TRY IT!!! XD)
Oh No! What will happen!!! I had a feeling that she was going too live though! D: All well. It's good to die young >w< Well... I might just be jumping to conclusions... anyway, AWESOME COMIC!!!
Happy Fire
February 24th, 2008
Yay! You Updated again!
It's true!! All people think that they are the center of everything but it turns out to be the opposite! :O Nice Idea! You made me think about it for a while :D
Lol! I don't get this one that much but UPDATE!!! XD
LOL!!! Combine and Humans CAN live peacefully with each other!!! XD
Gotta love that lamp! XD
LOL!!! Graham needs more training on weapons!XD
OMG!!! LOL!!! XD
LOL!!! He should have worn the combine outfit! XD
lol did he get warped?! XD
I'm not getting it :\