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Sup gais,I'm a dead account. D':
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EVERYONE has an embarrasing photo from the Christmas party!
I have to say that at my library sometime...
'my wife is going to laugh at me!'

lol best line ever.
August 19th, 2008
Yeah cause it's totally a surprise party...
This is like the best picture ever!!
None of this would ever happen if Alfred didn't forget Batman's Tang...
Oh Tim,you and your sensitivity of your boy boobs.
God sooo hot...
Alfred knows ALL in the manor...
Alfred is god.
God,please be something hot...*crosses fingers*
the library is the answer to all promblems....
lol I helped.
I luff him now
Well he's assertive.
Aww.Fleur is so cute.
I just fell in love with marc.
I just fell in love with marc.
July 20th, 2008