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Long time no see.
It's been some time since we've last talked. I didn't know if I'd ever return to this site. I'm 24 years old now, feels weird. Anyhow, I think I want to bring this comic back weekly or bi-weekly. I know most of you might be gone, but just letting you know, it has returned!
This was going to be a fight scene, but Peach sprites aren't fun to work with.
I'm really interested in where this will go. +Fav'd!
Happy Halloween!
I hope you enjoy this spooky holiday. And if you are in a place that was hugely affected by the recent hurricane that you are safe and well, also.

No, the comic hasn't gone under a style change, this is just for the filler!
What?! Another update?
Yes, I have decided that I will no longer set updates to Friday only. Does that mean that one will be up every day? No... but you'll be seeing a lot more of this comic. :)
Hey guys!
I know I made a come back in July and then disappeared shortly after... things got haywire. I think I'll be able to update weekly, now.
My music.
psssst. This is a lie. The new page will be up in a bit over 11 hours!
@nyancat6650: ... in a previous page he was getting ready to swing the hammer and clearly when he swung the head of it came off...
I know I left the hammer out of the last two panels, shhh it disappeared.
Page 15 is where the fighting begins!
There is a fight scene coming your way, but I wanted to show you where Luigi ended up after becoming petrified. Chapter one won't be over anytime soon. Also, a new schedule will be posted in the description of the comic.
The comic will be back January 3rd!!!!! Expect a New Years filler, though.
Don't waste time asking how the building is intact... or how Peach isn't knocked out. Everyone should know how Mario games work by now :P
Look an explanation to page 6! Aren't you guys glad?

If you know what Mario is singing in the shower on panel 3. You win!