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Umm.... yeah. Whatever. I'm redoing this thing, since it's been, like... years.
Basically, I absolutely adore art, and animals, and books. I freely admit to being a Yaoi fangirl. Honestly, I'd probably do my own comic, except that I'm an obsessive compulsive perfectionist, I'm a procrastinator, and I'm paranoid about ruining the picture if it's good, so it usually stays unfinished. Not to mention I can't draw consistently enough while still being able to update more than, like... once a year. Sooo~ no comics from me. :P
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"Must be from the surprise."
LOL! XD Who would've known he was so cynical?
the only hing I could think after seeing this page: HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!!!
Booo~! ;3; I don't get a huuug~? x3
Lol. Everyone's calling peeps in the pile, but I look through and I'm like "....I wouldn't make those faces though! D: I'd make a face like '>w<'!" XD
LOL! Cookie-boy and Shi-chan made me lol. x3 Especially cookie-boy. >w< Cuz he basically just told Shi-chan to go sex up Haru-chan. XDD
Gyaaa~! >w< I can't wait for the next page~! This comic is SO ADORABLE! <3333
GOD I love Shuu! >w< These past couple pages I couldn't stop going "Teeheeheehee~!" XD He's so cute and hilarious!
Oooh~! Hottie~! <333
Gah! Noo! It can't have reached the latest one already! D:>
I was so hoping for more! I love this story! It's gorgeous! Beautiful! I love it so! Ohh, I really do hope you update this soon!
Neko Jin
February 15th, 2010
I love your art! It's absolutely gorgeous! And the story is awesome! I sincerely hope you come back and update this frequently! I am absolutely in love with it! I would actually kill to have your talent.
Neko Jin
February 14th, 2010
Okay, first of all, I just couldn't stop to comment along the way. I was waaay too sucked into this comic. Second, I think I'm actually going to start checking SJ regularly now! You know... Instead of once every couple of years or so..... So maybe once every week or two instead! 8D
(doesn't sound like much, but trust me, my mind is so jangled up I can almost forget my own birthday - you're lucky if I remember writing this in an hour!)
Neko Jin
February 14th, 2010
HAIRCUT! >w< I can't wait for the next update! <3
I so love this manga! But is it just me, or did this used to be longer/different? I think I remember something with a cup of coffee...? Maybe I'm delusional. o-o
Neko Jin
February 13th, 2010
I am looking behind all the baby seels and bubbles for the next page. My acutely tuned senses tell me I will find it eventually..... I hope.......
I so LOVE those two brothers as devil/angel! xD
It's so cute!
I actually really love all the color pages. >w< They're so pretty! <3 Andandand.... I kinda get bored with all ze black and white comics all the time.... -w-
So many comments on Vanessa, am I the only one feels teh luv fer Camille? :< Seriously, she looks so cute! Just like, "Huh? o.o Who, me?" xD I must give her luffs!
And actually, I thought he was patting Camille's arm for a second there too! xD Took a while for it to register in my brain: Oh wait, the person he's patting is wearing a sweatshirt and does not have their hair done up! So it MUST not be Camille! xDD
Lol. xDD That's hilarious. Even before reading the Author Comments, this page is hilarious. xD "... ...... Jerk. Whatever, FU."
AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! KAWAII!!!!!!!!!!!!! <33333 Yui is sooooo adorable in the panel where he covers his eyes..... <3333 *snuggles&smotherswifwuvz!<3*
Neko Jin
February 27th, 2008
AAAAWWW!!!!!!!! CYUUUUUUTE!!! <3333 *huggles wittle chibi Zen* I wuff joo!!!! *hugglesquish*
Neko Jin
February 10th, 2008
Aaw!! Zen looks so hot on this page! *huggles* Dun worry Zen, he doesn't think badly about you, see? He wuvs you too! <3
Neko Jin
February 9th, 2008
So Xang DID know about the dream! xDD Lol... Sorry, can't help it... Heh, Xang really wouldn't wanna read MY thoughts right now... x3
Man, I wanna see what Xang was thinking in the last page! >w<
And there is absolutely nothing wrong with two updates in one day when it's a comic THIS wonderful!!! :O I can't wait for the next update!! <3