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Two extremes expressed from a complex median.
Besides that sketching, gaming, eating, strolling, and random fun are some things I'm into.
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    Devin D
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May 6th, 2011
Here we go...
5 months overdue and starting off beginning sentences with numbers, I return: back and better than ever.
So enjoy the re-beginning, and the all expertly told....
Aw, shucks, thank ya kindly.
Hear that E-Man? I need to be put on PAYROLL!
A steady supply of brownies will do. For now.... XD
Seen ya before I "see ya"
Ah, so you are the one who's art was such as it is. Confusing grammar aside, I'm sad to not have worked after one of your pages, or vise versa. Guess I'll see you on DeviantArt myself as well, as I need to keep stepping out of my shell on this. Maybe one day I can show my work alongside yours (great stuff yo).
GwG, Peace and prosper.
I left it open for you. And by the title, I'm a humor-type too.
And with these...
I say hello. Hope they show how excited I was to be apart of this.
You won't be let down.