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Im a gamer, and i live on the internets. i also make amv's. look me up (neochick)on you tube
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November 15th, 2010
I also miss your comic :(

I missed you :D this just made my day
whoot. updateness. cliffhangerness.

*waits for moar*
gotta love aria's facials lol
hello again projectheart :D
here comes chapter siz!

^^ i love it when you update

*sends you e-love*
definatly enjoying the story so far, and i plan to enjoy the rest of it :D

i like that picture, aria looks clueless. ^^
im so glad that was one big update. i dont think i could have handled that in cliff hanger form.

ps i love you :D
hahaha i love silver in that last panel
"wait thats not right" hahahah
just a little unsocialble arent we silver?
aww thats cute ^^
this picture is teh win.

April 20th, 2008
if i could lend you my tablet i would in a flash. so you have been doing this with a mouse??? your even more impressive then i thought. I went to my first convention and it was soooo cool. new zealand doesnt have much in the way of cons lol
April 14th, 2008
hai again!
*hugs your updates*

this is the one comic i hang on for updates.

having no internet sucks
some updates :D

*gives you some virtual love*

i love the 4th wall moment ^^
your back!!!

im so glad your back :)

*ties to up so you cant escape again*

thank you so much for your update!! :)

(on a side note can anyone tell me how to get an avatar on here ><)

and they look fine ^^ much better then my drawings
March 4th, 2008
I love this comic
yay +fav. you art is neat ^^
i like this one a lot!! i cant wait for you to update :D
just read all the archive. i love this +fav.

these are so funny. need more! :D