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Well, I'm just an art-loving, video-game playing, High-school surviving teenage girl who likes web comics. I assure you that I'm extremely famous, you just haven't heard of me because you're not cultured.
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Basher: :3 yeah, I like Return. And Vulpix's heart is SUPER big, so it's a strong choice for them.

Vye: Wow, I guess I get what you're saying. I guess I never realized that because most of my normal moves are attributed to my normal Pokemon which I don't use against fighting types. :D But you're absolutely right!

Kooler: Yeah! They should beat up Randy instead of Hitmontop. XD But alas, rules and all that.

Tyto: I HATE bg people. >_> They should just go die. And yes, friendship shall whoop Randy's sorry butt.

Neo: Quite. XD
Yes, "Fswoosh" is my all purpose sound effect.
So here's how Vulpix and Lina do "Return". ^_~ How does the rest of it go? Find out next page!
Cluttered page is cluttered.
GOD. The toning on this took FOREVER. All those stupid BG characters. >_>

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. "A normal move? Against a fighting type? Learn to play, Sammy!"

But in MY magical comic world, Vulpix and Lina's "Return" is SOOO kick-ass that type is of no consequence!! O.o So what now?!
Pointless Page is Pointless.
Yeeeaaaah. This page is just sorta 'OMG TENSION'. >_> I promise we're moving forward next page!!

In the meantime -- school's out tomorrow!! :3 I'm very excited.
Congrats on school ending! I have final exams until next Thursday. ;(

Gengar's a meeeeaaaan Pokemon!
Hey! I just read your whole comic and I really liked it. :D

Good luck and keep it up!
So yeah, Hitmontop got up after all.
That's right! Theme of the chapter!

Really, I hope you guys knew when you got into this that this would be a fluffy friendship doujin and not a super cutting edge Pokemon fancomic. >_> There will be plenty of action and mystery, but there's going to be a lot of that "FRIIEEEENNNDSSSHIIIIP" stuff too, because I do find that important. :)

Yeah...Randy's getting schooled.
Hitmontop isn't down just yet. It's just recovering from that blast.

And it might just hate Randy too. XD

"Hell no I'm not getting up for you!"
:O I totally am loving the new art! Are you kidding?! FABULOSITY.
It's a critical hit!
So Vulpix's Flamethrower owns Hitmontop -- poor little guy. T^T

Lina: Uhh...aren't you supposed to be rooting for us?!
Vulpix: Vulpix?!

O-Of course! ^^;;;

Hitmontop is ready to smack that biatch Randy. :<

Oh, and get ready for classic hero monologuing.
OMFG. A Celebi! Everyone get out your Masterballs! (takes out her Masterball, only to be smacked in the head by Hilaree).

Hilaree: Don't go ruining the comic, you dork!

Me: ;.;
Oranges and Pears: I've only got six days and then finals! Woot!

Tyto: Yes, Randy's intelligence stat wouldn't be very high if he were an RPG character...

Then again, if he were an RPG character, he'd probably be the first boss that everyone beats easily. XD
Oh Pikapi...I have a feeling we're all going to learn a lesson about friendship.

...*is shot for the cheesiness*


I love this page! Pikapi looks so cute in the last panel!
Maybe Absol is Hilaree's long lost brother.

...except that...makes no sense.

Awesome page. ;3
Okay. I officially suck for making you guys wait so long for this page.

BUT. I have some EXCELLENT excuses:

1.) School ate my soul.
2.) Fanime (an anime convention) ate my soul.
3.) Ben 10: Alien Force ate my soul. those are all crappy excuses, but really, I've just been so busy, I haven't been able to make pages. But I promise regular updates will continue now!
Cool page!

Sorry I haven't commented on like, ANYTHING for a week or so. I've been off the internet for awhile. XD
And now I'm back from outer space!
Hey guys look! More fire!

Sorry for the wait. I just finished my AP exam, and last week was full of cramming for it. ^^:;; But I think I did pretty well, and now it's OVER! Hoorah!

And meanwhile Hitmontop is like: "BIATCH plz. I'm not going through no fire for no biatch like u Randy."
XD "Pretending not to know". Oh those devils.
I just realized -- we're more than a month old!

Really, I wanted to get this chapter done within the month, but I realize now that was kinda unrealistic, what with everything going on at school.

The battle is "heating up!" :D *is shot for bad pun*
GAH. Need to get better at battles.
So yeah...I've never really drawn a battle scene, much less a scene between Pokemon. So bare with me -- I'm trying to get better. :3

Don't worry! Vulpix is NOT finished yet! ^_^ Wait for the next page!

EDIT: OMFG. My archive menu has a little scroll bar now!! I'm so proud! :D