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Hey there! I'm an lady who does comics n stuff. Sometimes anyway. I'm Princessnapped, and you can find my website at!! I have an comic I run too, called Worn Aurum over at http://www.worn
I'm so very sorry. I don't know what to say.

"But why a hiatus?"
because I've been feeling out of sorts with myself lately. It's very hard to work on something like this. I don't know why; maybe the ideas aren't sticking with me, maybe pressure's not sticking with me, maybe I'm just not cut out for comics.

"Will it ever come back?"
At present, I don't know. I hope so. But i really honestly don't know. I may do one-off comics or update it very sparingly, but... it's officially on hiatus indefinitely. I don't know when it won't be.

"I'm disappointed in you for not being able to keep with this, you said you wanted to do comics"
I know. I'm disappointed in myself too.
Game: Portal 2
the joke is mion's deaf! "But Princess how do they talk if she is deaf"
the game has a chat and that is how I and my friend talked playing it too!
Game: Portal 2
based on a true story!
Game: Portal 2
this arc is based on a true story.
Reboot AU!
I'm so sorry, but I've gotten into an rut with Worn Aurum. However, I'm not deleting the entire storyline, nor the site, nor even the comics or pages.
However -
and this is edited-
I may have figured out something. I am just going to do AU comics, called WA: <REBOOTED>, until I get the feeling back. I will probably work on pages of the main comic while I do the AU things, but the AU things will be in their own chapter, so nothing else will be out of order. This is the best way, I think, for me to continue doing things as it were, and not abandon the comic nor have to put it to a pause.
September 26th, 2018
this one isn't nearly as mixed media as the first bit of The Windmill was...
Meanwhile, we go back to Mion - for a bit, anyway. WA will update every day until I have caught up on what I missed (so every sunday up to sept 16 from the last update, which was on about july 22. That's eight updates!

However, I plan to try and get an backlog back up in that time too, so i'll be working on pages while this stuff posts everyday. Please look forward to it!
@Loose Squid: Thanks! :Dc I appreciate it a lot!
I really adore your skill at doing group shots and montages. This whole series of panels is wonderful; I love debbie falling off the bull in the background, and that we get to see a bunch of the side characters' personalities come out and get to know them.

I love that we get to see Abuelita having fun, and the nice, warm atmosphere of the page in general - it really sells it well, and i love miss Placeholder's design and expressions you do so much!

there's so much more I could say, but I think I should keep this short, heh. tl;dr wonderful work and I can't wait to see more from you but please pace yourself and take your time!

(I also like how you do that little bit with the commas-- "Heh, Heh, Heh" or such, in general-- it gives the comic nice pacing and I quite enjoy it, for whatsoever reason; it feels like a little, personal touch, that helps make latchkey kingdom truly "yours" so to speak.)