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Heya! I am a person, did you know that? I like water, cows and Watercows, as I am a Watercow myself. My name is Aisa, so you can either call me Water, Cow, WaterCow or Aisa. Or maybe nothing at all. I like to make comics, though I don't think I am not really good at them. Oh, and I am not really good at english too. Hooray for my idiotic english kowledge! Hip-hip hurray! If you want to talk, you can always email me. Thanks for reading this, you are cool! Bye-bye! Hope you have a good day/night!
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Oh my God! I am so happy!!! *rolls around the floor like the idiot they are and chants "Happy, happy!"*


I just realized I have no money.

Hahaha!!! I just love how the racoon's face is like "What the hell..." Also the background on Binda's computer is the picture about the eric and Megan from the activity night!!! I just have to love these little touches on this comic.
Oh. My. Golly. Gosh!!! I'am so happy I found this comic! It is like the BEST EVER!!! I know I am late. Like in two years qwq, but I just wanted to let you know, that you are wonderful for creating this, and for existing! The world would be much less creative and beautiful without you! I am sure you inspired many artists (for example ME).
I beleive that if you decided to end this comic, than it was for a good reason. However, if you decide to continue it, you would make me the HAPPIEST COW EVER!!! Bye bye now!

Ps.: Your art style is amazing!!!

Pps.: I hope you read this!