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Videogames, manga, making comics...World of Warcraft...Being a nerd overall. :P
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    Chris the 1ns4n3 G4m3r
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February 6th, 2008
He looks like he's from The Warriors.

Funny, I finished the manga a while ago, but I recently started watching the anime. ^_^
Gah, I hate it when people half ass comics like this. I'm sorry, but all you did was get a map and put people talking on it.
The sad thing is that its not even original! DDDDDDD:
lol, its nawt. :o

omfg, I love your avatar, L on Death Note is awesome.
Future Jimmy is shown! :D

As you can see, his hat is off and his hair is spiker. When you see him later (Its also shown on this strip as well) his emotions are exaggerated on his face a lot.
February 6th, 2008
Nice style. d(^_^)
Text is a lil too small. =/
rofl, great comic ya got there! d(^_^)
I dont. ._.
Red Text while talking? Red jacket and brown pants?
....It couldn't be!
....No. xD
rofl, nice. One of the many few that made me laugh out loud. d(^_^)
Its quite funny. Also, mind if you check out my sprite comic by clicking the above? ^_^
February 3rd, 2008
I dont want to be as much of an idiotic flamer as Sonichu, but he is right on some degree.
Uh....Huh. Oh, and its way better as .png. haha
I'm sorry, but I dont get it. I think you just worded it wrong. heh.
My god, this is WAY better than before. Last time I checked, all you had were short fight scenes and no special effects, Way to go, man. d(^_^)
@Ryan: This may song strange coming from me, but I agree with you.

...And I'll try not to be as much as an asshole. I wasn't trying to be mean, I tried to make it more of" A reminder to make it more humorous". ^_^